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From our Clients
I alongside my mother, were "first-timers" for Pia Day Spa. I was an avid client at a different spa in South St Pete, but due to numerous occassions where my shellac started peeling 24-48 hours after i got it done, i was in the market for a new spa. Stumbled upon "Pia's" thru the site "YELP!". Being a chronic asthmatic and having a mother with severe allergies, choosing an establishment with proper ventilation is always the issue. It is awfully hard to bond when we both are clearly irritated from the smell.

We had an AWESOME experience!!!! The ventilation was incredible and the staff was very courteous and attentive. We enjoyed having our feet, hand washed in a basin. Thank you for the experience, we will definitely be back!!!

Westchase Spa
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instant gift certificates via emailCan't wait for the mail to arrive? No time to drive? Ideal for those of us who wait until the last minute!
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