Reviews by Location:

Waxing was quick and neat. The specialist made me feel very comfortable. The receptionist was warm and friendly. The appointment was easy to schedule, the location was easy to find, and I didnt have any issues. Overall the experience was great and I will definitely return.
April 25th 2011
Abigail S. | St. Pete Spa
Once again great experiance. Appt on time in and out quick. Facility is very clean. Thank you
April 23rd 2011
lauraahlquist | St. Pete Spa
Nayla is always amazing. She is easy to talk to, pleasant, funny, and makes me feel completely at ease. I don't know what I would do if this St. Pete location closed it's doors - I am a HUGE fan! I also am always greeted warmly by Yisenya, and she has always been very responsible about returning calls, following up, confirming appts/providing appt. reminders, and generally working with me if I need to come in at the last minute. Somehow she makes it happen. Thank you so much for the great experiences time and time again!
April 21st 2011
Kim W. | St. Pete Spa
As usual, Nayla did a fabulous job! I've been seeing her for a while for my underarms - and she is always so quick & makes it as painless as possible all while doing an excellent job!
April 17th 2011
Stacy H. | St. Pete Spa
By far the BEST waxing services on the planet! I would recommend to all my friends and anyone looking for the best!
April 17th 2011
Habiba H. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla did a great job with my wax. She takes her time doing small areas at a time. She is very friendly and a pleasure to talk with while I am getting my service done. I have been a client of Nayla's for over a year and she always does a great job.
April 16th 2011
Erin G. | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful as always, friendly fabulous and thorough. I love the staff the sevice and the atmosphere... Thanks as always and see you all next time.

April 14th 2011
Meg P. | St. Pete Spa
I had great service from the front desk to the wax. Nayla is very professional and kind. It was a nice visit.
April 13th 2011
Danielle | St. Pete Spa
Nayla is wonderful! She makes me feel so at ease and always performs a wonderful, quick and pain free waxing experience. She'll get you in and out of your appointment in no time and always tries her best to fit me in with a last minute appointment.
April 11th 2011
Leah | St. Pete Spa
My waxing was fantastic. No burn, no splotches, Ashley was very professional and made the visit comfortable.
I will visit her at the Tampa location from now on.
April 11th 2011
Tracy E. | St. Pete Spa
I was impressed with my first visit for an eyebrow wax--the aesthetician spent 15 -20 minutes shaping, and waxing, and plucking, which is much more than I've typically gotten from other salons. She was a perfectionist, which is exactly what I wanted.
April 11th 2011
Stephanie L. | St. Pete Spa
Last week was my first time at this studio. Nayla was excellent. She made the whole experience great.the salon is clean and the staff is friendly. I will most definitely return and would recommend this salon to anyone. If the rest of there services are as great as their waxing you will be a satisfied customer.
April 10th 2011
Danielle C. | St. Pete Spa
Just want to say that Ashley did a fantastic job! She was friendly and professional and I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends who might be interested in coming to the spa for waxing.
April 10th 2011
Jane N. | St. Pete Spa
I have been using Nayla for about a year now and I am very pleased with her service for a Brazalian Wax. Nayla is very speedy, professional, courteous, friendly and overall she is a pleasure to do business with.

Thank you Nayla,

Karen P.
April 10th 2011
Karen P. | St. Pete Spa
I cant remember her name, but the woman who always does the waxing in St. Petersburg... She is from DR i think, and she has a son..
I moved here from orlando 2 years ago and was DRIVING back to orlando evey 6 weeks to get waxed until i found Pia studio. My upper lip and eyebrow hair grow like crazy, and my skin is SUPER sensitivee-
Since i found pia, though,my eyebrows look great and my mustache is gone, and my skin has had NO bad reactions!
Its wonderful!
April 10th 2011
Shana B. | St. Pete Spa
Very good. Effective, professional, and courteous. Would recommend her to anyone!!
April 9th 2011
Catherine | St. Pete Spa
Ashley was great! She did a great job on my Brazilian wax, and made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be back!
April 9th 2011
Cindy M. | St. Pete Spa
The BEST wax I've ever had. Quick, thorough and professional. I will never go anywhere else! You have a customer for life.
April 8th 2011
Olga C. | St. Pete Spa
AGAIN JUST GREAT! Nayla is warm professional and I look ever so much better THANK YOU
April 6th 2011
Lisa | St. Pete Spa
Everything was wonderful and professional from the moment I opened the door until I closed the door! Nayla is THE BEST!!!
April 6th 2011
Rita S. | St. Pete Spa
Ashley did a Great job! Very friendly and my eyebrows look amazing. She did exactly what I asked and gave me her own suggestions.
April 3rd 2011
GK95 | St. Pete Spa
Nayla is wonderful. She is very thorough with a gentle touch and I have recommended her to my friends.

April 2nd 2011
Edie B. | St. Pete Spa
Pia is a wonderful place to get a wax. It is very relaxing and Nayla does such a great job at calming clients and easing the pain. Great results too!
March 29th 2011
Molly D. | St. Pete Spa
I absolutely love Nayla! I am 8 months pregnant and she is so gentle and understanding! I will continue to go to Nayla as long as I have a need to be waxed :-) What a great place! Thank you!
March 25th 2011
Amy D. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla has not let me down yet! She always gets me in and out quick, yet I never feel rushed. She is always very pleasant and good at what she does.
March 24th 2011
Carrie Z. | St. Pete Spa
As always I am 100% pleased with the services at the salon. The level of professionalism is always top notch. This was my first time with Ashley and I was very pleased with the results.
March 23rd 2011
Lori L. | St. Pete Spa
Receptionist was nice and helpful and the lady who did my wax was great. Made me feel very comfortable for my first Brazilian
March 18th 2011
Shawnee R. | St. Pete Spa
As always - awesome! I got stuck in traffic but Nayla made time for me...she is the BEST!
March 14th 2011
Teresa r. | St. Pete Spa
Ashley was great! she was very friendly, made me feel extremely comfortable, and did a great job on my bikini wax. Im extremely satisfied.
March 13th 2011
Savanna L. | St. Pete Spa
Great! Nayla was really nice and put me at ease. The wax was quick and she did a great job. Totally would recommend her to anyone!
March 11th 2011
Megan | St. Pete Spa
As always everything with Nayla was perfect! I had a Brazilian and eyebrow wax. She makes my eyebrows look fantastic and she makes the whole experience as comfortable as possible. I'll continue to go back to her time and time again.
February 27th 2011
Nicole G. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla was so wonderful! She is very sweet and eased my fears! I live in Tampa, but plan to keep coming back to the St Pete location because of Nayla!
February 27th 2011
Bonnie A. | St. Pete Spa
I was very pleased with my entire experience. Very professional and friendly. Nayla did my eyebrow wax and tint and did a great job. I will certainly recommend Pia's to friends.
February 26th 2011
Barbara F. | St. Pete Spa
Customer service was great and Nayla was incredibly friendly. I will definitely be going back again and recommending to others. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising! :-)
February 24th 2011
AJ | St. Pete Spa
My experience was a good one. Nayla was very efficient, friendly and knowledgable. I would recommend her services.
February 22nd 2011
Lori | St. Pete Spa
I had another great visit! Nayla is excellent and I always feel comfortable knowing that I am in good hands.
February 19th 2011
Kristin O. | St. Pete Spa
From the moment I booked my wax appointment I was treated wonderfully! The esthetician was so caring and gentle. It was a wonderful experience! (never thought I would say that about a wax!) I wish I remembered her name so that I could ask fo her when I return!
Thank you!
February 18th 2011
pat l. | St. Pete Spa
Had my monthly eyebrow shaping.... wonderful as always. I purchased a body scrubber/loofa and have to say that I absolutely love it. I can was my back completely and also use it on my legs, arms, etc... It feels amazing, too.
February 16th 2011
Nina G. | St. Pete Spa
Ashley was wonderful! She made the wax actually fun with great conversation and got me in and out quickly. I'll definitely be seeing her again!
February 14th 2011
Krystle K. | St. Pete Spa
I was a walk-in last Saturday--The receptionist was very friendly and checked to see if she could fit me in. She fit me in with Ashley right away. Ashley was also very friendly and knowledgable. She made me feel very comfortable and was always checking with me to make sure I was doing ok. Overall it was a great experience and the staff was excellent.
February 14th 2011
Annette P. | St. Pete Spa
Great experience once again at Pia's. Thanks for the Valentine's rose.
February 13th 2011
Carina C. | St. Pete Spa
I have gone to the owner of the St. Pete location (Nayla) twice now. Sublime! I have been waxing since I was 18; going fully bare for about 3 years (I'm 32 now). I have NEVER been to an esthetician as quick, painless, professional, and welcoming as the co-owner of the St Pete location. LOVE HER!!! LOVE THE STUDIO!!! I am SO thankful Pia's is now in the area.
February 13th 2011
Robyn R. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla was fantastic. This was my first waxing experience (bikini and eyebrow) and she set me right at ease. She was extremely professional and answered all my questions. I will defintely be back. Thanks!
February 9th 2011
Mary L. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla is so great with waxing. She always makes it quick & painless but is also great at what she does! Thanks, Nayla!
February 7th 2011
Stacy H. | St. Pete Spa
I was in the other day and ashley was fantastic!! she made the entire experience comfortable, she had an easy going but professional vibe and she was very thourough;) I appreciate all the very professional people at pia's. Thank you!!
February 6th 2011
crystal N. | St. Pete Spa
I just had another pain free wax from Nayla! She is so quick, efficient and friendly at the same time. Overall, it is the least painful wax I've ever had- and I've been getting them for 15years in several cities across the country. They really do a fantastic job there! I've referred a couple of friends who have been wanting to try a brazilian wax for the first time...
February 6th 2011
Sara V. | St. Pete Spa
This is my third time going to Pia's. Love the location and the service is very professional and I was very comfortable. I would recommend pia I st.Pete to anyone!
February 6th 2011
Joy g. | St. Pete Spa
as always, pleasant, professional. I walk out feeling, looking good. Nayla is wonderful!
Thank you for coming to St P
February 5th 2011
Lisa | St. Pete Spa
As usual the service was excellent! I can't say enough words of gratitude for the exceptional service I always receive.
February 3rd 2011
Kimberly J. | St. Pete Spa
Awesome as always. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and she still seems to keep me comfortable. Even stopped in the middle and got me a fan! Love you Nayla!!
January 31st 2011
Karli F. | St. Pete Spa