Reviews by Location:

The service was excellent. I was greeted promptly upon entering Pia. There was also minimal wait time for my massage and waxing. Both of the ladies were excellent in their services. I had a wonderful experience.
November 25th 2012
Mavish H. | South Tampa Spa
Easy to buy a gift card online for my sister who lives out of town. Thanks!
November 20th 2012
Rebecca S. | South Tampa Spa
She was quick, effective, discreet and awesome. I've never had a bad experience here. Keep up the good work!
November 14th 2012
Angie M. | South Tampa Spa
My massage was great. It was just what I needed before my deployment. She worked my most important to me points and was as firm or as gentle as I asked for her to be. Will definitely return!
November 10th 2012
Kendall B. | South Tampa Spa
She was very fast and nearly painless. I am a wuss about pain and she was terrific. Thank you and I will return as I always do!
November 10th 2012
Kendall B. | South Tampa Spa
Awesome job on my lashes. I feel that they look natural and not overdone. I know it took a lot of time to do my lashes, and i love it! Thanks!
November 9th 2012
Kay r. | South Tampa Spa
My bare bikini wax appointment was quick and efficient. I always feel comfortable at Pia no matter who performs my service!
November 5th 2012
Morgan K. | South Tampa Spa
Your pedicure services are consistently excellent. A fantastic job! thank you.
November 4th 2012
Cami | South Tampa Spa
It was my first time visiting Pia, and I loved it. The location is close to where I live, the establishment is very nice, but most of all a friendly staff. If you plan on getting your eyebrows done, be thankful that they use a new stick (no double dipping/sharing the same stick from a previous customer) on each customer while listening to soothing music :)
November 3rd 2012
Miss V. | South Tampa Spa
The Nail Tech was great. She was really attentive and did a great job. She took extra great care of me and really went the extra mile giving me a great hot stone massage on my feet since I'm 8 months pregnant and my feet were really tight.
October 29th 2012
Jeanie F. | South Tampa Spa
I came in this past weekend for the Fuji Bar Mani and Pedi and loved it. Very professional, clean, and relaxing atmosphere. This was my first visit to Pia and now it will definitely be my new pick for monthly pedis.
October 29th 2012
Erika W. | South Tampa Spa
The service was consistent with all of my other appts. The technician was professional and the waxing was as quick and painless as possible.
October 28th 2012
Tara | South Tampa Spa
Fantastic. I always enjoy my experience at Pia's. I walked in and had tea made for me,she was prompt and I enjoyed sitting in the ridiculously COMFORTABLE chair and half snoozing during my excellent pedicure. I was cold and my technician accommodated me by turning the air off in the room. Thanks Pia for always being fabulous!
October 26th 2012
Lorena H. | South Tampa Spa
My esthetician was very pleasant and professional. A Brazilian wax is not the most pleasant procedure, but she made me feel comfortable.
October 25th 2012
Gina M. | South Tampa Spa
She always does a great job with my facials and waxing. When procedures change, she lets me know up front before starting! I found Pia on Yelp and I'm very happy with all of their services!
October 21st 2012
aligori | South Tampa Spa
I came in to have a full Brazilian wax done and was very pleased. She made me feel comfortable and made the process as painless as possible and was very friendly . I will definetly be calling in to schedule another appt a well maybe even try getting another service done as well.
October 21st 2012
Crystal S. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful massage! I left feeling so relaxed!! Thanks so much.
October 20th 2012
Denny S. | South Tampa Spa
Great spa and service. Pia is the best - definitely best waxing job ever.
October 18th 2012
Stacey S. | South Tampa Spa
I always get the best brazilian wax at Pia's. I've tried other places but always come back to Pia's. They also do great eyebrow shaping.
October 17th 2012
Liz | South Tampa Spa
Amazing! I'm in love with my new eyelashes. It was my first time at the spa and I really liked the attention to detail - offering me a drink as I come in, starting the appointment right on time, getting a heated neck support and booties was wonderful. I didn't feel rushed and she took her time. Thanks for the great experience, I will be recommending it to my friends, and definitely will be going back for more pampering :)
October 17th 2012
Arlene | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience from start to finish. The esthetician made me feel so comfortable and at ease and the receptionist is sweet as well. Thanks
October 16th 2012
MIchelle S. | South Tampa Spa
Fantastic! This was easily one of the better massages I've had. I've already recommended Pia to friends and can't wait to go back.
October 14th 2012
Megan | South Tampa Spa
The experience was fantastic. The employee was very friendly and put me at ease during my wax. I appreciated her knowledge and pleasant attitude. I will definitely return!
October 14th 2012
Katie R. | South Tampa Spa
She is awesome!!. The best the whole staff is very caring and courteous I love this place. They get a A++. Thank you, thank you. I will forever be a repeat customer, I recommend Pia south Tampa to all for a very relaxing experience!!!.
October 11th 2012
Linda H. | South Tampa Spa
Making it to South Tampa is quite a haul for me, but I continue to make the drive to Pia's because Pia's is definitely the most professional, thourough, and pleasant esthetician in the business. The drive is definitely worth it!
October 10th 2012
Cynthia | South Tampa Spa
October 6th 2012
PETER L. | South Tampa Spa
I apprecieate that Pia was able to fit me in to their busy schedule after another spa said they didn't have me down for the appointment I'd scheduled. This was the first time I'd had a wax and eyebrows and eyelashes dyed and my technician was very nice and put me at ease. I will definitely be back and will recommend Pia to my daughters, nieces, and girlfriends.
October 6th 2012
Jane | South Tampa Spa
When I walked in, I was greeted by this very cute young lady. She was very cheerful and was more than happy to get my appointment set up. She made me feel comfortable. It's not everyday a guy comes in a place like this to get his eyebrows and nose waxed. She assured me it was completely normal.. And necessary. There was so much hair in my nose! I had no idea!!! The Receptionist made me a follow up appointment, and I will be more than happy coming back to Pia's. Thank you.
October 5th 2012
Bob | South Tampa Spa
People always asks me what do I do to get such great skin? I tell them I go to Pia's! She always leaves my skin glowing and the skin regimen I have switched to thanks to Pia has improved my skin dramatically.
October 4th 2012
Aimee R. | South Tampa Spa
I enjoyed my experience from the moment I walked through the door. I appreciated the warm greeting, the peaceful surroundings, the smells and the music. Right then and there I knew this was going to be a wonderful experience.
I was escorted through the doors to paradise as I will call them and brought into the pedi room. I then sat in a comfortable chair sans tv, children and cell phones.
My Technician took great care of my pathetic toes with a luxurious soak, an invigorating scrub and a heavenly massage. We then chatted about local dining experiences.
I walked away happy, truly happy. I will definitely come back.
September 29th 2012
Susan W. | South Tampa Spa
What a wonderful first experience! I was welcomed into the pedicure room with the the scent of a delicious candle and relaxing music. My technician brought me sparkling raspberry water in a champage flute on ice, with berries floating on top--delicious and refreshing. The pedicure itself was filled with soothing scents, a long massage, and a perfect polish at the end. Will definitely come here from now on! And at $30, you can't beat the price!!
September 26th 2012
Amy M. | South Tampa Spa
The spa was very cute and quaint and smelled amazing. The massage room was very tranquil and warm, I loved the lighting and the bed was very comfortable. My Therapist was very welcoming, friendly and funny. The massage was really good.
September 26th 2012
Lauren A. | South Tampa Spa
I'm from out of town, but was referred to Pia's. I get pedicures regularly and all over the world. My experience at Pia's was the most relaxing, enjoyable pedicure experience I have ever had. (The manicure and brow waxing w her were terrific, too). The pedicure chairs are also worth noting. Absolutely perfect!
September 22nd 2012
Lisa M. | South Tampa Spa
I always have an amazing experience. Everyone there is so happy and kind. I never go anywhere else, you guys are amazing thank you so much
September 19th 2012
Ashley R. | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience with Pia from the time I walked in the door until the time I left. Service was curteous and prompt. My Esthetician was very nice & professional.
September 19th 2012
veronica | South Tampa Spa
Wow! I just had the best pedicure I've ever had in my life and I'll definitely be back again soon for another. My technician was genuinely friendly and kind. We chatted for a while and then she allowed me to be quiet and just relax. I felt well-cared for and so deeply relaxed that afterwards I had a laugh with the receptionist about how I came very close to falling asleep but that I was so glad I hadn't because it would've been a shame to miss out on being awake for any of it. The pedicure was not only relaxing but very thorough as well. My skin feels fresh, hydrated, and smooth to the touch and my nails look fantastic too! Thanks to Ana and all the Pia South Tampa staff!
September 18th 2012
Larissa H. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent job! In preparation for my wedding, I've been coming for the microderm facial every 3 weeks for the past few months. She has helped my skin look radiant! So thankful I started coming to Pia. They are the best!
September 17th 2012
Andrea M. | South Tampa Spa
AMAZING prenatal massage! I am 38 weeks pregnant and this was my first prenatal massage and I'm wondering why I waited so long to do it. Can't thank her enough for taking the pain away from my back, feet, etc! Thank you
September 15th 2012
Kim K. | South Tampa Spa
I want to share a service I feel makes a huge difference -without great expense or time. I have blonde eyebrows and without pencil you can not see them. A year ago i started having my eyebrows tinted and the tint looks wonderful. The tinted eyebrows frame the face and give me a balanced arch each day. The color is mixed just for my coloring and looks quite natural. It also saves time - one less step getting ready for the day!!!!!
September 14th 2012
SHARON | South Tampa Spa
It was super. A great therapist. My back had been bothering me for a while and she really helped work out my stress-related knots!
September 10th 2012
Christen H. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful! My skin loves the customized facial I recieved from Pia! Still Glowing! Thank you
xoxo jl
September 6th 2012
jl | South Tampa Spa
My eyelashes and pedicure have both have been fabulous! Thanks for always making my services great!
September 6th 2012
Alayna | South Tampa Spa
First time to Pia and I loved the house, the aroma, and the overal ambiance. I had a pedi which was very relaxing and pleasurable. She did a perfect french on them. Everyone I came in contact with was also very freindly and warm.
September 5th 2012
Debby L. | South Tampa Spa
Perfect AS ALWAYS! I've been coming to Pia for my wax for over a year now. I think I've seen almost every esthetician. They all do an amazing job. I've seen the same Technician for the last few waxes and for a mani/pedi and, like I said before, everything was PERFECT! Couldn't be happier!!
September 4th 2012
Katie B. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician helped me remove my lash extensions I'd gotten elsewhere...they had become dry and painful, and she was extremely knowledgeable, quick and methodical, and super easy going. I would definitely come back for more services from her. She made it a very pleasant experience.
August 30th 2012
Audrhei | South Tampa Spa
The staff is always very pleasant & helpful. Facility is neat & clean, ready for the next customer. I would highly recommend you company / facility to all.
August 29th 2012
debra s. | South Tampa Spa
Such a good experience. Eveyone was so nice and helpful Just moved to s. Tampa and found my new spa. Love it there. See u again soon.
August 28th 2012
Alissa c. | South Tampa Spa
This was only my 3rd time in Pia and I was greeted by my name!!! I was so happy when I walked in and already felt relaxed! I forget the receptionists name but she is amazing and made my whole day even before my eyebrow/lip wax! So I'm definitly booked for my next appointment.
August 22nd 2012
megan d. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was fantastic! She really took the time to listen to my concerns and did a wonderful job on my wax. I am looking forward to my next visit!
August 20th 2012
Nina | South Tampa Spa
The services I received at the south Tampa location were great. I was greeted right away when I entered the door and asked if I wanted something to drink. The staff is always very nice. Cleanliness is very important to me and it is always neat and clean when I go for my appointment. I would recommend Pia to a friend.
August 16th 2012
Kris H. | South Tampa Spa