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My first hollywood, almost brazilian.....she was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable! Ill be back. Thanks....
April 8th 2011
Amy | South Tampa Spa
I received a massage from Selena, a facial and eyebrow wax from Emmy, and a manicure and a pedicure from Amalia. Everyone was very skilled, courteous, and professional. Most of the services were part of a gift certificate and I added in a couple too. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning spent at the salon.
April 1st 2011
Marcy L. | South Tampa Spa
Very nice and professional. Felt very relaxed even though tornado practically passed us that day and lost power she stayed calm and completed my service. Was nice to have hands massaged while getting my lashes permed it wasn't expected and I loved it!
April 1st 2011
Kimberly H. | South Tampa Spa
I greatly enjoyed my recent visit to Pia. My friend and I treated ourselves to pedicures one evening after work. Th
e staff made us feel so pampered and did a wonderful job on our nails. My polish still loiks great!
March 30th 2011
Sommer S. | South Tampa Spa
I rarely take the time to fill these things out, but I feel compelled to do so this time for two reasons.
First of all, I have received various services at your day spa, and every time it has been such a pleasant experience, from the time I walk in through payment and walking out. Your staff members are kind, professional, and so cheerful. The waiting area has a great vibe, nice and relaxed, and ice water and tea are available with nice music playing. All appreciated. I don't even mind having to wait a few minutes.
Second of all, Emmy is brilliant. She kept me talking by asking questions and it distracted me the whole time, making an unpleasant feeling (wax ripping hair from my skin) go by so fast, I barely noticed I was in there. She was quick, and she really had a great way of taking my mind off the ouch factor. I will definitely request her again, and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.
Keep doing what you're doing because it's working!
March 28th 2011
Jessica S. | South Tampa Spa
Pia did an excellent job!! I got a Brazilian wax and my eyebrows waxed; she also suggested that I die my eyebrows. I was hesitant at first, but I LOVE them. I will be going back for that servive again as well as doing the same to my eyelashes. She really knows her stuff and I highly recommend any service that the spa offers. I am a very happy customer!
March 25th 2011
Trish | South Tampa Spa
Both Pia and Gina were very accommodating and nice. The overall experience on my second trip was phenomenal, as it was the first day I came in. The massage and Sangria made my day and I am fully confident that I will have gorgeous eyebrows by the time Pia is done with me :) . Thanks guys, you are truely appreciated!
March 25th 2011
Amanda S. | South Tampa Spa
It was awesome! I am not going to wax anywhere that's not pia : )
March 25th 2011
Ana B. | South Tampa Spa
Very professional place. Waxing took all of about 15 minutes and was painless. Will be back and will also recommend to everyone. ;-) Thanks again
March 24th 2011
Wesley N. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent service! Was my first time waxing and I can't imagine going anywhere else. Everything was explained to me, and I felt comfortable every step of the way. Would recommend to all my friends!
March 24th 2011
Emmy | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful experience as usual! Even tried the vagazzled! I always refer people over there bc the experience is great and the staff is wonderful!
March 24th 2011
Jennifer | South Tampa Spa
I had a great and pain-free experience. She is not only great at what she does, but also an awesome person to talk to while getting a waxing done! She lightened the way I was feeling because I had not returned for quite some time and made the experience of returning to PIa's a very comfortable one!

Pia's has been and always will be the place I recommend for a bikini wax!
March 23rd 2011
Sandra F. | South Tampa Spa
I found my first visit to Pia's a very pleasant and relaxing one !! I received a microdermabrasion and was very pleased with my treatment - she was helpful with questions I had as this was my first treatment. I look forward to returning for some more pampering !!
March 20th 2011
Janis S. | South Tampa Spa
Anette does amazing waxes. I have always been very happy with my services from her. She is very fast but always thorough. I willbe refering a couple friends to her this summer :)
March 17th 2011
Stephanie P. | South Tampa Spa
My first visit to PIA was fantastic. Awesome decor and music. I loved the service I got from her. She was very professional and did a great job!
March 16th 2011
ericag48 | South Tampa Spa
I am very happy to have finally found a salon in Tampa that provides excellent waxing services. I had virtually no wait, great service and Emmy was great. Thanks!
March 14th 2011
Heather K. | South Tampa Spa
As a busy mom of two kids I Am rarely relaxed. Getting facials is truly a relaxing experience with Ana. I have been going to get facials for over a year now and everytime I leave I feel like a brand new person. My skin is glowing and clean. She has done an excellent job in clearing up all the skin problems I've had in the past. She also suggested I try microdermabrasion and it has made my pores almost invisible. I would recommend Ana to anyone who wants a relaxing experience where your skin is left refreshed and glowing.
March 14th 2011
Aimee R. | South Tampa Spa
My fiance' and I went to get pedicure's and we just love the Pia experience. The women there are fantastic and are such a pleasure to be around. They make sure we're comfortable, sangria in hand, up-to-date reading material. I love Pia and will go no where else!
March 12th 2011
Angela M. | South Tampa Spa
I had my eyelashes tinted and I was nervous because I've never had it done before but she was great, she explained everything to me and did it in a way where I didn't have to open my eyes at all during the procedure. My eyelashes look great!
March 12th 2011
Jennifer T. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing service. Went during my lunch hour and was in and out within a half hour. Professional service, quick, and a calming salon! Thank you!
March 11th 2011
Anne P. | South Tampa Spa
I just want to let you know that I had the most fabulous deep tissue massage given by Krista. It was the best I have had so far. She really worked the knots and gave good advice. She was great. All of the girls were very friendly and accommodating. Thanks for a great experience.
March 10th 2011
Becky R. | South Tampa Spa
Always pleasant, clean and friendly atmosphere. I can't think of a better place to go to feel immediately at peace!
March 10th 2011
Lisa S. | South Tampa Spa
I must say, Alex is such a trooper!!! I came in with a runway nail look with black painted moons (like a reverse manicure) request! With patience, she did a wonderful job!!! They look fabulous!!!! Europe here I come!

Thanks Alex! Love the look!


ps. I will post a photo on Pia's wall!
March 9th 2011
Kelley J. | South Tampa Spa
I came to Pia because I received a Free Eye Brow Shaping promo card at a 5K I did. I live in Brandon and it was a a little bit of a drive for me, but I figured it was worth it. I can honestly say I will keep on returning. From the moment I called to make an appt I was impressed with the customer service I received. I even called back to reschedule and the woman was very helpful. I loved all of the options, the customer service and the quality of work done.
March 9th 2011
Julie K. | South Tampa Spa
This was my second experience at Pia Salon and I have to say that I am very happy with the service. I had a touch up for my eyelash extensions and was happy with the outcome. The staff is very friendly and helpful and I love the aroma of the salon when I walk in. Its smells very inviting.
March 9th 2011
Qua W. | South Tampa Spa
Another great experience at Pia's. Needed a quick appt this week and was able to be accomodated by Ashley M. Ashley is very open and honest and takes great pride in her job. She was very quick to admit she has great teachers. She did an excellent job with my wax and I would have no problem using her again.
March 8th 2011
Angela S. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent pre-natal massage! He was very thorough and made sure I was comfortable at all times. I am hoping to get another few pregnancy massages by Donald before I deliver in August.
March 8th 2011
Shannon S. | South Tampa Spa
Everytime I come to Pia, I am satisfied with my experience. Professional yet comfortable. I have been to other places in the area and this is by far the best I have experienced.

Thank You!
March 7th 2011
Irene C. | South Tampa Spa
I have been going to the south Tampa location for almost a year now and Emmy has made my experience very enjoyable each and every time. From the actual waxes to products to help with after care from the wax services I receive she is always very helpful and prepared. Thank you.
March 6th 2011
Sharlethia A. | South Tampa Spa
From start to finish Tania was kind, communicative, and skillful.
She had a very pleasant way about her but also maintained a professional manner that I really deeply appreciate during spa services. It's an instant kind of intimacy, few people have the knack for setting the right tone.
Kudos to whomever hired her.
In a spa where everything is so clean and vibrant, you need diamonds like Tania.
March 6th 2011
Mary | South Tampa Spa
Great reception (always so nice to be offered something to drink & a nice welcome) & a lovely relaxing facial in a cosy & warm atmosphere - perfect!
March 5th 2011
Debbie | South Tampa Spa
This was my first experience at Pia, and I loved it. The staff members did a fantastic job and were friendly, but professional. I will definitely be recommending Pia to my friends. Thank you!
March 4th 2011
Christiana T. | South Tampa Spa
Let me start by saying that this was probably one of the best facials I have ever received. I have to admit I was somewhat nervous after my treatment...the extractions were brutal. I was almost expecting to be bruised...but Ana clearly knew what she was doing because the end result was that my postpartum hormonal skin looked more clear and radiant than it has in months. I will definitely be back in soon for another microderm treatment. Also the products that she recommended were great. I liked that she suggested the trial size package as opposed to pressuring me into buying the full sizes (which as a self-proclaimed product junkie, I would have done). The receptionist was also extremely pleasant and friendly. A nice change from some other area salons that I have frequented.
March 1st 2011
Karen S. | South Tampa Spa
A wonderful experience. Everyone is very nice, beginning with checking in. Pleasent, professional, and lots of kindness.
She did a supurb job on waxing and tinting. I will refer my friends, and come back again! Thanks to all of you........
March 1st 2011
Debra D. | South Tampa Spa
She is AMAZING! She is very knowledgable about the products and superb proffessionalism. I never feel embarrased when she does my waxing!

She is overall GRRREAT!
February 27th 2011
Larissa M. | South Tampa Spa
This was my second brazilian wax in South Tampa as I recently moved to the area and I was pleasantly surprised. My wax with Emmy was much quicker, less painful and faster than the brazilian that I had 4 weeks ago at one of the other South Tampa spas. What a relief to learn that Brazilian waxes don't have to be a painful experience. Thank you.
February 25th 2011
Carol H. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time I have ever received a real massage. Don was amazing. I admit that I was a little nervous going in because Im not really a person who likes being touched. Don set me at ease immediately. He explained what would happen and made me so comfortable. The massage itself was out of this world. I will be a returning customer!
February 25th 2011
Chad S. | South Tampa Spa
Very happy with my overall experience. Ana checks and rechecks her work before sending you on your way.

Every time I have been in, whether for my own appt or with my daughter, I have noticed the attention to detail in the reception area. From the candles . . .to the coffee/water that is available. Much care is taken, consistently, to try to truly create a relaxing spa experience, no matter what service you are there for. Just wanted to give a YAY for the ambiance.

February 24th 2011
Teresa L. | South Tampa Spa
Being an overweight woman I was very nervous for my first wax, not for pain, but self-esteem issues. Tiffany made me feel so comfortable and was a sweetheart. She was extremely efficient and made sure I was ok throughout the entire process. I couldn't have asked for more from my first waxing experience. I am so ecstatic with the results and will definitely be a recurring customer!
February 24th 2011
Kristen | South Tampa Spa
This was the most personalized and detailed microderm abrasion I have ever gotten! Ana took extra time to talk to me about my skin type and how to manage it better. I really appreciate her attention to detail. I will be back.
February 23rd 2011
Jessica G. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time getting a Brazilian wax, so I was a little nervous. Ana calmed my nerves and made me feel very comfortable. She was right...the pain was not AS bad as I had expected. The results are great, and I already booked another appointment! Very nice faciity and friendly staff. Definitely would recommend it.
February 21st 2011
Christine | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience. The receptionist was very nice and offered me something to drink as soon as i arrived. The place was very clean and smelled good and inviting. The girl who did my eyelash extensions was very informative and did a great job explainging the procedure as this was my first time receiving eyelash extenisons. She did a great job and I love the results. I will be returning to Pia Spa as I really enjoyed the service.
February 20th 2011
Qua | South Tampa Spa
It was the first time getting a Brazilian and I was very pleased with the experience. Ana was very methodical and made it feel like a medical procedure, so I never felt embarrassed. She was friendly and worked quickly - and I'm happy with the results. I would definitely see her again.
February 19th 2011
Mandy C. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful first experience at Pia's! The staff was extremely friendly and professional with their services. Is will definitely be coming back again. Thank you!
February 17th 2011
Kristin C. | South Tampa Spa
Emmy was very professional and personable, and kept me preoccupied by asking questions about family and work. I was pleasantly surprised that the whole treatment went by very quickly with very little discomfort. I've already scheduled my next appointment. Thanks Emmy!
February 16th 2011
Erin M. | South Tampa Spa
I was super nervous about going completely bare down there but I trusted my esthetician because she has been doing my lash extensions for so long. I am sooooo happy with the results and it wasn't too too painful. She made the experience really comfortable and I didnt even feel embarassed!! Thank you!!
February 16th 2011
Amanda R. | South Tampa Spa
I love getting my pedicures here! The whole experience was wonderful. Emmy did a great job. I have happy toes.
February 16th 2011
Kasey M. | South Tampa Spa
My overall experience was wonderful. The service was friendly, efficient, expedient and professional. My nails came out beautifully (first time ever getting a manicure/pedicure), and I even picked up some tips for future nail-care. I'll definitely make Pia a part of my monthly routine!
February 13th 2011
Jessica P. | South Tampa Spa
I once again had a great visit to Pia Spa in South Tampa. Emmy immediately put me at ease, and kept up a steady conversation, which kept me distracted enough that I didn't tense up so much during the wax process and it was over before I knew it. Emmy is the best!
February 12th 2011
MaryAnn | South Tampa Spa
Amazing as always! Love Pia and the thorough work she does! She cares about the quality of her wax, the products available, and most importantly customer satisfaction! I could not imagine going to another spa other than Pias!
February 12th 2011
Briana T. | South Tampa Spa