I made appointment last minute because my time is limited lately. I was running late as usual. I made my appointment, front desk was very accommodating. And, it was a pleasure as always with her. I needed my time. Thank you
October 22nd 2016
Rosa V. | South Tampa Spa
The massage therapist was friendly and made me feel comfortable therefore I was relaxed and ready to get my massage. He thoroughly explained my different options. My massage was customized and was just what I needed.
October 22nd 2016
Victoria C. | South Tampa Spa
She did a great job, not only did she control redness of my brows but she explained why she did certain things during shaping. She did a fantastic job.
October 21st 2016
Anna H. | South Tampa Spa
Reception is always welcoming and appointments are always start promptly. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable with their craft.
Shewas fabulous with my eyebrow shaping and eye treatment. She was meticulous and delicate. I always have and will continue to enjoy my visits to Pia. It's just the best place for excellent services & people!
October 21st 2016
Christine C. | South Tampa Spa
She was wonderful. This was my first visit and my first time doing eyelash extensions. She talked me through process, explained the upkeep process. Very relaxing atmosphere. I felt very comfortable. Front desk was courteous and smiling. I was introduced to Mr. Brian who was just as pleasant as the rest of the staff. Really enjoyed my time. Definitely will recommend
October 21st 2016
Aly P. | South Tampa Spa
My massage experience was amazing. The therapist is very professional and goes above and beyond to give the client a wonderful and relaxing experience. I get massages on a regular basis and by far he gives the best massages in Tampa bay
October 21st 2016
Oleysa | South Tampa Spa
Don is the best! Can't wait till my next massage with him. Thank you!
October 20th 2016
Morgan I. | South Tampa Spa
Had a wonderful experience. Expert service and a very relaxing environment.
October 20th 2016
Donna T. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first experience with waxing and I went in after hearing horror stories. They were all put to rest in my estheticians capable hands. I had my underarms, legs and bikini waxed. She made me feel comfortable and there was minimal discomfort!!!! I am blown away.
October 20th 2016
Tara H. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was absolutely delightful! Very grateful for her kind spirit and gentle hand!
October 20th 2016
fiona | St. Pete Spa
Absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I needed. Rescheduled for next month ..she is great!!
October 20th 2016
Andrea C. | South Tampa Spa
I LOVE Pias work!!! I always request her! I love that she continues to do services. Very personal and detailed! Eyebrows are a masterpiece every single time!!!!
October 19th 2016
Tiffany J. | South Tampa Spa
She did a fantastic. She was thorough, friendly, professional and did a fantastic job. From a ten year veteran of waxing she gets a thumbs up!
October 19th 2016
Lyndi u. | South Tampa Spa
Danelys did a wonderful job in explaining what she was doing and how it benefits overall health. I had the perfect balance of relaxation and therapeutic massage.

October 19th 2016
Aga | South Tampa Spa
Pia is awesome! In fact, my every experience at Pia's has been positive. Her staff is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. It is a real pleasure to go in and I look forward to every appointment - waxing, massage, manicure/pedicure, eyelash tinting, etc.
October 19th 2016
Catherine | South Tampa Spa
Pia is always fantastic! She is fast and knows exactly what shes doing for a great experience.
October 18th 2016
Catherine F. | South Tampa Spa
Awesome massage...i literally was drooling I was so relaxed! I'll definitely be back
October 18th 2016
Erin | South Tampa Spa
The 90 min. massage was pure indulgent! The therapist was completely professional and provided an excellent massage. I would highly recommend her!!!!!
October 18th 2016
Ronda P. | South Tampa Spa
Last Saturday was my third visit to Pia's lovely location in South Tampa. Although my residence is located on Sand Key, just south of Clearwater Beach, my sister lives in South Tampa and her location provides me the perfect reason to factor in a pedicure whenever I am visiting. What a wonderful environment you have created and what a pleasant and professional staff has been assembled!

My appointments have always been a pleasure, from the timeliness of your scheduling, to the capable and accommodating front desk staff, to the nail technicians who provide such gentle and beautiful service. The last person I have had has twice provided my pedicures. Her sweet personality, and professional manner and results will keep me coming back.

Well done! And, thank you, for the exemplary effort and corresponding results. You will see me as often as I can manage it!

Kitty Mann
October 18th 2016
Katherine W. | South Tampa Spa
Each person that I interacted with extended themselves to being extra courteous, attentive, helpful and caring. I can tell that excellent service is a high priority for Pia. This is the sole reason that I choose Pia. Although, I live in Wesley Chapel, I will find a way to keep comin back to Pia.
October 17th 2016
Angela V. | South Tampa Spa
As always, I had a great experience at Pia! I called last minute to see if there was any availability for me to come in for eyebrow shaping and a pedicure on Saturday. They were able to fit me in with no problem and did an excellent job. Thank you!!!
October 17th 2016
Melissa B. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time at the st pete location. My esthetician was very nice and did a good job.
October 17th 2016
Brande p. | St. Pete Spa
Thank you again!! Great service as always. Thank you also for caring and asking about my family after the hurricane. You're awesome.
October 15th 2016
Cynthia p. | South Tampa Spa
The aesthetician was warm, friendly & professional. I hadn't seen her for a while & she complimented my recent weight loss, which is priceless to me! :)
October 15th 2016
Lindsay S. | South Tampa Spa
My esthetician is awesome!! Her services are great! She's so sweet and bubbly. Will keep going back to Pia's to see her!
October 13th 2016
Samantha K. | St. Pete Spa
As always, my visit to Pia'S was wonderful! - and more importantly, the waxing is quick and perfect. Love the new space too -- very cool vibe.
October 13th 2016
Kelly O. | St. Pete Spa
Staff was super friendly and helpful! Had my first wax here and they made me feel very comfortable, will definitely come here again!
October 13th 2016
Sarah M. | St. Pete Spa
Always amazing and friendly! It's what keeps me coming back!
October 12th 2016
Lisette C. | South Tampa Spa
My esthetician is very professional & attentive! I highly recommend her!
October 12th 2016
Angela J. | St. Pete Spa
The woman who did my nails was very nice and fun to talk to - she also did a great job on my pedicure! My mom and sister received facials and massages that day and they were in heaven. My mom used to be a massage therapist, and she said the massage she got at pia was the best massage she's ever had. Very pleased
October 12th 2016
Lindsey H. | South Tampa Spa
Had a great experience as usual at Pia's Day Spa! Would recommend every time!
October 11th 2016
Nicole P. | South Tampa Spa
The most professionally run spa I've been too...ever! And waxing and massages have been a part of my life for over 30 years! I'm a former flight attendant and I can honestly say that from
Miami to Manhattan, Pia's is the
October 11th 2016
Jan K. | St. Pete Spa
Waxing appointment was efficient, proficient and painless, just the way I like it!
October 10th 2016
Kay | South Tampa Spa
Great massage. He took the time to address my concerns. I'll be back!
October 8th 2016
Lindsay H. | South Tampa Spa
Very friendly staff. I felt welcome & comfortable. Thank you!
October 8th 2016
Melissa | St. Pete Spa
The massage therapist is consistently fantastic-very intuitive & excellent at his art. I highly recommend a massage with him.
October 7th 2016
Charleen R. | South Tampa Spa
The pedicure was excellent and the technician was friendly and thorough.
October 7th 2016
Marcy | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is super nice and friendly and I always enjoy her and our little conversations. She makes you feel comfortable. Love the service here!
October 6th 2016
Julie b. | St. Pete Spa
I really enjoyed my experience, and my esthetician was very pleasant.
October 6th 2016
Jill | St. Pete Spa
I love it here! My esthetician is great and I make sure I go to her every time, and the front desk is always super helpful.
October 6th 2016
Natalia D. | St. Pete Spa
My waxer is always amazing and tries to make the most uncomfortable situations comfortable.
October 6th 2016
Marilyn J. | South Tampa Spa
Receive 5 star treatment always. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my waxing, facial or other beauty needs!
October 5th 2016
Shelly r. | South Tampa Spa
Consultation, she was great
Looking forward to my up coming services
October 4th 2016
Kathy | South Tampa Spa
Ive been coming to Pia Spa for 2 years now and i have no complaints. It's been a great experience. Everyone is very nice. The waxer I always see is my favorite! She is great with bikini waxing especially taking out those ingrown hairs. She is very careful and has a delicate hand for that. I always go to her . She is my favorite! Would not change her! Five stars for her! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
October 1st 2016
Tania G. | South Tampa Spa
This spa is fantastic! Tremendously professional, friendly and provides a quality service.
October 1st 2016
Allison M. | St. Pete Spa
The woman I saw is great! She's really helping me on my journey to regrow my eyebrows.
September 30th 2016
Karin | South Tampa Spa
It was great! Fast but efficient service. Also, so relaxing and friendly staff!
September 30th 2016
Cassie | South Tampa Spa
My tech was AMAZING! BEST eyebrow shaping and wax experience. Highly recommended
September 30th 2016
Rhena G. | South Tampa Spa
I have been coming to this spa for over a year and they have the most professional and thorough waxing technicians I have ever been with. Love this spa! Will come here as long as I live in the area.
September 30th 2016
Carrie | St. Pete Spa
Very good experience with the waxing, will definitely recommend to friends.
September 29th 2016
Michelle S. | South Tampa Spa