Reviews by Location:

I always have a great experience at Pia. I got a notification my Esthetician was ready early for me which was great. I was in and out in no time and everyone is super friendly. Highly recommend!
July 15th 2022
Melissa H. | St. Pete Spa
I have been coming to Pia for about 5 years and I love it. Everyone is so professional and friendly. I am always very happy with the services I get.
July 15th 2022
Roxy Q. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful massage, very professional, always a pleasant experience.
July 13th 2022
Tina M. | St. Pete Spa
I had a great experience at Pia Spa! It was easy to book my appointment and check in. The front desk was really helpful. This was my first time getting waxed and she was so great. She made me feel really comfortable and made sure I had a good understanding of the process. She was quick and made it as painless as possible. I look forward to coming back!
July 12th 2022
Laura D. | St. Pete Spa
he is always highly professional, consistently gives a thorough and effective therapeutic massage, and has been a joy to work with over past 5+ years.
July 12th 2022
Sharon W. | St. Pete Spa
I LOVE coming to Pia's. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. I've been coming to Pia's for years. They are the best I've found in Tampa.
July 7th 2022
Tj | South Tampa Spa
Communication is awesome, great personality and always providing education
July 7th 2022
Yate | St. Pete Spa
she was great! She made me feel very comfortable and I’m pleased with the results!
July 2nd 2022
Kelli S. | St. Pete Spa
she was amazing. Sweet. Friendly. Fast. I will definitely schedule with her again
July 1st 2022
Whitney M. | St. Pete Spa
she was excellent. Caring and accommodating. Calming, relaxing experience. My face is glowing and looks much healthier. Best I’ve had in a long time. Thank you
July 1st 2022
Ann C. | St. Pete Spa
My experience is always phenomenal! she did a wonderful job completely! And thoroughly! I love it!!!
June 30th 2022
Michele | St. Pete Spa
I love Pia’s in St Pete so much. I have been going there for a few months to get Brazilian waxes. she is especially my favorite esthetician. She is so gentle and careful when doing the waxes, and she always makes sure you feel comfortable and at ease!
June 29th 2022
Sam C. | St. Pete Spa
she was very good for my bikini wax. She was gentle and paid attention to detail.
June 29th 2022
PattiL | St. Pete Spa
she is fantastic at waxing (bikini, lip/brow) and so sweet. Katie, who I see for pedicures, is great as well- very skilled and friendly. Always happy with the services at Pia’s!
June 29th 2022
Kelly | St. Pete Spa
Going to the beach for vacation. The best for all waxing services. Very professional. Highly recommend. Thank you.
June 29th 2022
Lolo | South Tampa Spa
she is friendly and professional as always! It was raining hard when I entered the building and she was at the door with a towel for me to dry my purse and shoes. My wax was painless and perfect as always.
June 29th 2022
Amanda | St. Pete Spa
Everyone was extremely nice and accommodating, very attentive
June 28th 2022
Lupe | South Tampa Spa
My technician was simply amazing! Not only did she make my skin look better but she was attentive to what i told her about my skin and my journey i’ve had with breakouts. The room was extremely clean and smelled even better. Thank you for a terrific first time!
June 27th 2022
Berthenia P. | South Tampa Spa
she is awesome!! She does a great job and pays attention to detail! She is so sweet!
June 25th 2022
Monique P. | St. Pete Spa
Awesome!! From beginning to end my technician was gentle, informative and professional! I will certainly be coming back!
June 25th 2022
Veronique S. | South Tampa Spa
My massage therapist is amazing at what he does! He listened to exactly what I was asking for and communicated with me throughout the massage to make sure I was doing ok. He’s wonderful!
June 25th 2022
Natalie | South Tampa Spa
My massage therapist is always amazing! I’ve never had an experience that is less than phenomenal at Pia's
June 24th 2022
Brittney D. | South Tampa Spa
My service at Pia's was one of the best I have had at Pia Esthetics and I have been going here for 6 years now. I had the Dermaplaning Facial and her performance in overall ease of service, efficiency in flow of procedure steps and the leg and arm massage in-between product applications was incredible, a totally relaxing experience. My skin was glowing along with my soul after this experience. Thank you Pia!
June 23rd 2022
Christine L. | South Tampa Spa
she was fantastic! She did an outstanding job with the Brazilian wax, made it as easy and comfortable for me (a first timer) as possible, and was nice to chat with! I’ll be back!
June 23rd 2022
Jessie | St. Pete Spa
she is always a joy to see. Always makes me comfortable and does a great job with any area I have waxed. Love Pias and will continue going there for all of my waxing needs!
June 22nd 2022
Lori M. | St. Pete Spa
Massage therapist is amazing!!
Also please workout glitches in the online booking system
June 22nd 2022
Mary C. | South Tampa Spa
Love the Fiji manicure and pedicure. Doing it weekly is part of my self care plan!!
June 22nd 2022
Angela W. | South Tampa Spa
My technician was a great. I really like how she go over everything with me in a details. My skin feels smoother and brighter. Nice place, staff. I will highly recommended.
June 21st 2022
Zuzana G. | South Tampa Spa
I wish I could give more than 50 hearts to her! She is the absolute best. The staff is terrific and I would recommend to Pia's to all!
June 20th 2022
Dorothy S. | St. Pete Spa
Very nice. Very relaxing setting. The staff is courteous and lots of smiles. I'd come back. I loved everything about Pia.
Love, Detroit Michigan ❤
June 19th 2022
Aleea L. | South Tampa Spa
A wonderful job. My nails look great and I felt pampered which is just what I wanted from the service.
June 18th 2022
Alissa M. | South Tampa Spa
A clean, polite, and professional establishment she is so skillful and experienced she has my support and another loyal customer to your book here to stay.
June 16th 2022
Bilan E. | St. Pete Spa
Professional and thorough. I highly recommend Pia. I feel like a new woman after my facial and waxing. You will enjoy your experience here.
June 16th 2022
Shari | South Tampa Spa
Great experience as usual. The staff and technicians are wonderful 🥰
June 16th 2022
Jocelyn | South Tampa Spa
I enjoyed my experience at Pia. She took great care waxing and tiding up my unruly brows. Then she did a dermaplaning with skin treatment. I was quite comfortable during the procedure and felt I was in very experienced hands. I was pleased with the experience and made another appointment with her.
June 15th 2022
Norma G. | South Tampa Spa
Always prompt, does a great job making the customer feel relaxed and has a knack for attention to detail! Highly recommend her and her positive energy!
June 15th 2022
Kristina | South Tampa Spa
From the moment I walk in the door at Pias I am around amazing people. Receptionist as always amazing. And no words can describe what a fantastic job they do. Highly recommend. Have been going to Pias for ten years- never a bad visit!!
June 15th 2022
Lyndi W. | South Tampa Spa
she is always accommodating. She is a perfectionist on her work, easy-going and fun to talk to during our visits. The way she manages the spa makes it a relaxing experience! High recommend
June 15th 2022
Lauren E. | St. Pete Spa
Always professional & 100% customer focused! I have been nothing but impressed with her making my Brazilian quick & virtually painless!
June 15th 2022
Michelle S. | South Tampa Spa
Staff was very professional and attentive to detail. Great job.
June 14th 2022
Sara C. | St. Pete Spa
I love her! Shes really thorough especially with me being pregnant she takes extra time and is really gentle with me. I would recommend her for all your waxing needs. 🧡
June 11th 2022
Drazenka J. | St. Pete Spa
she is amazing as always. I get dermaplaning and waxing done and she is great. Holds great conversation and is great answering all questions.
June 11th 2022
Xiomara G. | St. Pete Spa
she is the best. No need for me to leave a long review. I’m a regular customer. I Highly recommend her services.
June 11th 2022
Tariq S. | St. Pete Spa
She was great & so was the lady at the desk who checked me in & out.
June 10th 2022
Hailey S. | South Tampa Spa
she was great this visit, she is compassionate and caring and always make me feel comfortable. Thanks and the Pia team. Annette
June 10th 2022
Annette K. | St. Pete Spa
I always have a great experience at PIA day Spa. She does a beautiful mani/pedi. She and the front desk staff are professional and courteous. I love having this spa in my neighborhood!
June 10th 2022
L T. | South Tampa Spa
She was very good at communicating and making sure I was doing okay during the whole service!
June 9th 2022
Andrea V. | St. Pete Spa
One of the best massages I have ever had. Thank you for a wonderful experience!
June 7th 2022
Layla C. | South Tampa Spa
I was very nervous and the Technician was so understanding of that and made the process a very easy one! I love that she was making conversation throughout the process; this really kept my mind distracted. Great experience!
The front desk was also very amicable, as always! 😊👍
May 28th 2022
Jessica | South Tampa Spa
Fantastic experience! Knowledgeable staff, low pressure, high relaxation
May 25th 2022
Erica R. | St. Pete Spa