Amazing....hands of gold. Very courteous and always made sure that you were comfortable throughout the entire massage while keeping you relaxed. Highly recommended...
March 21st 2015
dustin a. | South Tampa Spa
Glowing and relaxed. Since coming here I've noticed a significant change in my skin for the better. She always is professional and recommends the right products for my skin care needs.
March 20th 2015
Aimee R. | South Tampa Spa
Pia's is always a wonderful experience.....
Professional, clean,personable and efficient.
March 19th 2015
Rosemary | South Tampa Spa
Always pleasant and amazing service! Received a great amount of advice and suggestions that I'm so excited to try!
March 19th 2015
Kristen | St. Pete Spa
I had a wonderful experience at Pia and my esthetician, She was thorough in providing me with information about my current skin condition & on how I can continue to protect and improve the appearance of my skin.

I received a lot of compliments at work about my appearance -" you look like you're glowing - you look refreshed..."

Thank you.

March 18th 2015
Ann K. | South Tampa Spa
Love your spa! everyone is so professional and services are always wonderful!!
March 15th 2015
Sharon K. | St. Pete Spa
I had a great experience at Pia! It was my first wax ever and heather made me feel very comfortable through the whole thing. I'm 9.5 months pregnant so it wasn't easy to lay there the whole time but she let me tak a little break and I felt better. The small talk was very helpful as well, it kept my mind off the awkwardness of the situation. I was greeted promptly by Heather after I turned in my form and she had a huge smile which made me comfortable too.
The front desk was sweet and even gave me great directions over the phone when I got lost walking there. Everyone was cheery and seemed to enjoy their jobs, it was a pleasant experience.
March 14th 2015
Kayla W. | St. Pete Spa
The Spa provides the best service!! This has been my favorite place to go for waxing. My lady is great at making you feel comfortable and she's really thorough. Definitely worth the money!! I'll likely try other services there soon!
March 14th 2015
Cassidy A. | St. Pete Spa
The Massage Therapist was absolutely wonderful. I came in for a therapeutic massage, not being able to move my head since I woke up with a kink in it. The massage was amazing. He knew exactly what to do to alleviate the pain and even gave me some tips and stretching exercises to help it in the future. He went above and beyond!
March 13th 2015
Katie S. | South Tampa Spa
As always, such a great experience at Pia! Amazing and I loved her attention to detail and will definitely request her again and again. My front desk welcome and check out was also a great experience.
March 12th 2015
Peyton O. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing spa! Beautiful and comfortable and cozy. Has been in south tampa for years. Pia and her staff are great at what they do and will make you feel amazing!
March 12th 2015
christine | South Tampa Spa
My girl was so sweet and personable. She made me feel very comfortable and was clearly an expert. I will definitely be coming back !!
March 12th 2015
Mary | St. Pete Spa
Ana was amazing. I told her that I felt my eyebrows were feeling bushy and overgrown. She totally agreed and told me she was going to give me more shape and thin them out. When she finished I was amazed! I don't think my eyebrows have ever looked this good. I am so pleased. I will for sure be going back to Ana again.
March 8th 2015
Aly S. | South Tampa Spa
Beautiful facility with amazing customer service! Extremely satisfied with my facial and waxing! I am definitely going back!
March 8th 2015
Molly P. | St. Pete Spa
Fast and friendly. My appointments are always punctual and staff is always friendly and professional.
March 8th 2015
Kelly T. | St. Pete Spa
Front desk was flawless, no hickups and took seconds for me to fillout a first time form. The Technician was easy on my skin and did a flawless job.
March 7th 2015
Camilo M. | South Tampa Spa
Love coming here. They always fit me right in when I call. Had the same Tech for the second time and she is great. Waxing is painful but she makes you laugh while she's doing it which makes the process a little more bareable.
March 6th 2015
Ashley | South Tampa Spa
Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. All staff was knowledgeable in their specialty area and made sure I was comfortable during my entire appointment. I would recommend Pia Day Spa to friends and will definitely come back in the future.
March 5th 2015
Kristina D. | South Tampa Spa
All staff make me feel super special, especially when they great me by name before checking in and remember me.
March 4th 2015
Florencia | South Tampa Spa
My esthetician was very nice and did a great job with my facial waxing. I was very pleased.
I also bought several products to try and hope I like them. So far so good.

The front desk receptionist was also very nice when I called to change my appointment because I was driving from out of town and the traffic was terrible so I needed to move it up an hour to get there in time and she worked it out for me.

Over all I'm very pleased.

Best regards,
Beverly Williams
March 1st 2015
Beverly W. | South Tampa Spa
I love this establishment ...the employees are great. Almost an extension of your family. Ive been coming for 2 years-ish. And ill never stop unless i leave the state, lol!!!! Smooches!
February 28th 2015
miaza j. | St. Pete Spa
I had a great experience.also in love with the cream that was suggested to help with hair growth and bumps.
February 28th 2015
Samantha | St. Pete Spa
The staff was really nice. The place smelled good and was really neat and clean. I felt comfortable. I would recommend this spa to friends and family. I will be going back.
February 28th 2015
Allison S. | St. Pete Spa
My lady does a great job. Punctual, professional, friendly and fantastic at waxing.
February 25th 2015
K | St. Pete Spa
I absolutely LOVE Pia's. My lady always gets the job done in a timely manner! I recommend her to anyone looking for waxing! They have great pricings and the staff is always very welcoming. I love the atmosphere.
February 24th 2015
Ayana B. | St. Pete Spa
Its rare to find a place such as this: where the entire staff is committed to customer service & professionalism. But I found it at Pia's St Pete! Everyone was top notch here and really cared that I was given only the best of everything while I was there. Thank you to all the staff - who made me feel like a Queen for a day!!!
February 22nd 2015
Barb P. | St. Pete Spa
I always get the best customer service at Pia in South Tampa. She was so great! Very sweet and professional. The only thing I highly recommend is to open a location in Brandon! There's a lot of places building up there and I think having a Pia in Brandon would be fantastic. Especially since I now live in Brandon too!
February 21st 2015
Valerie T. | South Tampa Spa
I love coming to pia spa in St.Pete to get my waxing done. The prices are affordable and I always feel comfortable. My girl does a very good job because she takes her time and I don't feel rushed. I will continue to come back!
February 19th 2015
Britt | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful. I love that my service was proficient, gentle and caring. I felt comfortable and relaxed during the entire service. This place deserves more than 5 stars. I recommend this establishment to the fullest for their wonderful service and staff.
February 18th 2015
Nikk8 | St. Pete Spa
I was warmly greeted at the front desk and asked if I needed a drink. When asked for water, although it was right in front of me, she kindly poured and handed to me.

The massage therapist was friendly and professional. He made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed and did a great job sticking to the pressure and areas communicated.

Thank you all for a great experience!
February 17th 2015
Amanda | South Tampa Spa
Was received promptly on arrival time. Absolutely loved my nail tech work I'm usually nervous about getting pedicures because I tend to get mildly ingrown toenails but she managed to clip and clean everything perfectly and no pain! I will definitely be coming back!
February 17th 2015
Alessandra R. | South Tampa Spa
I am always greeted with a smile when I come into Pia. My lady is always efficient and does a beautiful job, she has great attention to detail and makes every customer feel special.
February 16th 2015
Courtney | St. Pete Spa
I came in on Valentines Morning and it was wonderful seeing everyone running around in such a happy mood.
My nail tech was the best!
February 15th 2015
Tyanne | St. Pete Spa
My specialist was awesome! She knew it was my first time, so she explained everything to me. We talked the entire time which made it go by so fast. My husband loves it. I will definitely be back.
February 15th 2015
Jonie w. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time at the South Tampa location. I moved from St. pete and was excited to learn Pia had a location so close to my new place, because they are simply the best! Same great service in South Tampa! I will be back soon!
February 15th 2015
Rachel R. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing service and attention from initial phone call to schedule, flexibility and availability of appointments offered, and services offered. Would highly recommend to others; in fact, I already have!
February 15th 2015
newclient | South Tampa Spa
Always have great service at Pia. They are quick and professional. Esthetician was great!
February 14th 2015
Mary | St. Pete Spa
My girl is always smiling and professional. She make getting waxed a pleasant experience!
February 11th 2015
Stephanie f. | St. Pete Spa
My nail tech was great! How could I not like a fellow New Yorker with a soft spot in her heart for Chihuahuas! I'm glad I went with her recommendation for nail color. I always gravitate towards reds but I now am in love with Grapely Appreciated by OPI. Thank you Pia for hiring good people and for constantly investing in your spa. I absolutely love sinking down in those amazing leather chairs! Can't wait for my next visit.
February 11th 2015
Lorena R. | South Tampa Spa
I was extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism shown to me by both the receptionist and Esthetician. The receptionist greeted me upon arrival and was extremely courteous during my check-in. My Esthetician talked with me about what my expectations were and answered all questions before services were rendered. All in all I was very happy with my experience and will be back again!
February 11th 2015
Blaire | St. Pete Spa
My experience is always what I expect and more! From the welcoming, smiling face when I walk in the door to my waxing experience...I love that attention when I'm getting a service!
February 8th 2015
Nicole M. | St. Pete Spa
From scheduling to paying, my appointment at Pia's was a great experience! Friendly and very knowledgeable staff make you feel comfortable from the start of your appointment til you walk out.
February 7th 2015
Lindsay | South Tampa Spa
I am always greeted with a friendly smile & never made to wait. I am so glad that I was referred to your salon
February 6th 2015
Ladonna S. | St. Pete Spa
The esthetician provided exceptional service. She always makes sure to communicate what I want and exceeds expectations with her service. As always, I receive compliments from friends and family after my visit. Thanks for doing a great job!
February 6th 2015
Michele A. | South Tampa Spa
Pia's is an exceptional day spa. And their late hours are so convenient!
February 4th 2015
Kate W. | St. Pete Spa
Always a great experience! My lady is wonderful -- very fast, at makes the waxing as painless as possible. Highly recommend!
February 4th 2015
Kristen W. | St. Pete Spa
Excellent in all respects. Nice, professional people and a clean, welcoming environment. Consistently good services!
February 2nd 2015
Marcia p. | St. Pete Spa
My girl always makes my visit fun and enjoyable. Her ability to give me a quick wax is amazing! She is always fun to talk to.
The front desk is also very sweet! She gives me a quick check in and quick check out!
I love Pia spa!
January 29th 2015
Natalie L. | St. Pete Spa
Alway have great looking eye brows when I leave! She is the best!
January 25th 2015
AmyG | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician makes me feel very comfortable.I am an older woman, and from day one she has made me feel very comfortable. We talk about Family, she is very professional and I always look forward to seeing her! I feel she is one of your BEST Employees!
January 24th 2015
Mary A. | St. Pete Spa