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My niece and I had a fabulous day on Saturday at Pia's. We started out with facials. The treatment was very relaxing and thorough. We really enjoyed the double massage. It was Alexis' first massage and she loved it. Thanks for a great day!
April 24th 2006
Danielle N. | South Tampa Spa
this was my first facial from Pia and it was AMAZING! My skin is still looking better a week later!
April 24th 2006
Erin D. | South Tampa Spa
It was a great experience! I'd been searching for somewhere reputable to get my brazilian, and by far, Pia's is my new place to go! Nayla is great, super friendly, and extremely professional. I will definitely become a regular! Thanks!
April 24th 2006
Ashley | South Tampa Spa
The new place is absolutely beautiful and the staff was warm and welcoming. As usual, my eyebrow shaping went well and my eyebrows look beautiful! Thanks Pia's for providing great service at great prices!
April 24th 2006
Monica | South Tampa Spa
Let me start my saying that the new location of Pia's is wonderful! The parking is great and the upstairs waxing rooms are very private. Nayla is a super esthetician. She keeps me chatting and I don't feel and pain. I have been customer of Pia's for over a year and will continue to be for ever!
April 24th 2006
Brooke | South Tampa Spa
Sol was a very patient and meticulous during my eyebrow wax. She gave me some helpful tips on how to maintain my eyebrows to achieve a more symmetrical look. Very polite and pleasant as well.

The receptionist was outgoing and friendly. Very easy to talk to and provided great customer service!
April 24th 2006
Ann F. | South Tampa Spa
Sol was amazing...made my first brazilian quick and easy. Very good experience overall!!!
April 23rd 2006
Andrea | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful first time experience at your spa. The employees were gracious, patient, and very warm and compasionate.

I will never forget my first time, and will be calling you in the near future for another appointment.
April 18th 2006
Debra | South Tampa Spa
I love your new place. It is so well-decorated and spacious. It has a very zen feel like a spa should!
April 18th 2006
Shannon S. | South Tampa Spa
Pia did a great job - in half the time and with less pain & discomfort than I've ever had with any other aesthetist.
April 17th 2006
Kari C. | South Tampa Spa
I am very happy with the results. As always, your staff is very friendly and professional. Thank you.
April 17th 2006
Julie | South Tampa Spa
This was the first time I met Ericca. My appointment was for a Hollywood wax and she did an EXCELLENT job!!!
April 17th 2006
Cathy D. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla was very professional and explained everything she was going to do before she did it so there were no surprises. She was very interactive and a pleasure to speak with.
April 17th 2006
Colleen M. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first time visiting, and I LOVED my eurofacial. The attention to detail and the time that was taken was greatly appreciated.

Great job!
April 17th 2006
Kim N. | South Tampa Spa
The entire staff at Pia's was very professional and very accomodating! I felt relaxed & welcome from the instant I walked in and was greeted.
The results of my waxing procedure surpassed all my expectations. Can't wait for my next visit!!!
April 14th 2006
Ruth | South Tampa Spa
So far I have been to Pia's for eyebrow waxing by Nayla, sphynx wax by Pia, and two facials by Nayla. All were well done and I was completely at ease. I have recommended Pia to my friends and to strangers! I have such faith in the experience, I find myself recommending the services I have never had, tellling them you can't go wrong at Pia's! The quality is superb and the services are the best I have had in ages.
April 13th 2006
Amie | South Tampa Spa
I would like to comment on how lovely my overall first experience with Pia Esthetics-Day Spa was... I had my first waxing with Sol on Monday, 03 April 2006 and I was quite nervous but, between her professionalism and kindness it was an experience that I not only survived but, enjoyed the results greatly. Between Sol and Pia they made my first visit to the Day Spa a lovely treat and I have already booked my future appointments.

Thank you kindly.
Peace & Cupcakes,
Katie Ross
April 12th 2006
Katie R. | South Tampa Spa
I have been coming to Pia's for about 2 1/2 years now and love it. The service that I get on a regular basis is waxing. I have been getting waxed for several years now and Pia's is by far the best at what they do. Both Pia and Nyla do my waxing services. I cannot say enough great things about the services provided at Pia's. I have had waxing, facials, massages and manicures. All great! I've never had a bad experience. Every employee at Pia's has always been so nice and helpful. I would recommend Pia's to anyone. It's the only place to go!!!
April 12th 2006
Nina G. | South Tampa Spa
Best bikini wax I've had in years! Really nice staff, and bright and beautiful salon. Service and skill stand out from other Tampa salons.
April 11th 2006
Sarah | South Tampa Spa
Pia did a great job, as always. She is so personable and helpful. It's just nice to go somewhere where the employees remember you and what's going on with your life. I am sad that I have to leave Tampa, but I will come back to Pia's any chance I get.

April 11th 2006
Kimberly B. | South Tampa Spa
Another wonderful experience! I had the pacific manicure done last Friday and my nails still look great.
See you on Friday for my next brazilian.

April 10th 2006
Teresa R. | South Tampa Spa
Not many places offer the sphynx wax, mainly due to the popularity of the brazlian. When I came to St. Pete, I needed to find a new waxing salon. I had waxed in two previous places: Gainesville and Miami. In Gnv, the lady took too long and I was in agonizing pain. In Miami, the lady actually ripped a lot of my hair wrong and didn't even bother with the tweezer. Now, no one likes tweezing especially down there, however, this shows great detail and care on the ripper's part. I basically googled spynx wax and see what I could find in St. Pete/Tampa. Luckily your website is most impressive and I felt if you took care of your website this much, you must do the same with your clients. I've have not had a single bad experience, with the exception of pain. Very meticulous and actually do a great job of getting the job done quick yet, effectively.
April 10th 2006
-SnAcKs- | South Tampa Spa
I always have a wonderful experince when I come to Pia's. From the receptionist to my waxings (which can be painful), my visit was pleasent and comfortable. I'm pregnant and due anyday now, the receptionist was very accomodating when I needed to move my appointment so I would be ready for the big day. Thanks to all.
April 10th 2006
Brandy L. | South Tampa Spa
I had the most fantastic Eurofacial. I'm so sorry, I can't remember the name of the girl that gave it to me. She was wonderful. I was so relaxed and she made me feel very comfortable. My skin looked fantastic afterwards and I felt like I was glowing. I will definitely be back for more.

Thank you.
April 8th 2006
Brynna B. | South Tampa Spa
It was absolutley fantastic, the massage was wonderful and the facial was amazing, I was so relaxed and the staff was really knowledgeable and friendly, a great experience.
April 7th 2006
Robin G. | South Tampa Spa
Overall my experience at Pia's and with Pia was wonderful. Pia and her staff are very nice and professional. She did a wonderful job on my eyebrows. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
April 5th 2006
Tammy U. | South Tampa Spa
I was looking for a salon that did Brazilian waxing, and came across your website. It is set up so nice and inviting, I just had to come check out your facility. My first appointment was at your new location, and I must say it is beautiful. Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. While waiting for my appointment I watched how some employees interacted with thier clients, and was impressed at the sincerity and helpfulness.

Nayla is terrific at what she does. I am very pleased with my whole experience at Pia Esthetics, and as long as I am living in the area you will have a repeat customer.
April 5th 2006
St e. | South Tampa Spa
The waxing procedure was very quick and painless. Very profesional and much respect for privacy. Very knowledgeable of all wax types. The service that I received was a sphinx wax. Thank you very much!
April 3rd 2006
Anissa A. | South Tampa Spa
My eyebrows look perfect and appreciate Pia taking the time to let me look at them and then make some small changes to make them perfect! she really cares about her clients!!
April 3rd 2006
erin d. | South Tampa Spa
My appointment was for a facial and massage. It was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed Nayla, she did a great job and your facility is very comfortable and pleasant.

Thanks, Kim
April 3rd 2006
kim w. | South Tampa Spa
Looks good as always! The cream you put on the face(Lip) helps so much to prevent breakouts after waxing! Thank you!
April 3rd 2006
Mia | South Tampa Spa
I have just moved back to Tampa after living in Manhattan for 10 yrs. I have been getting braz.waxes since 1999 when J. Sisters became known as all the rage. I loved Pia & the girl I worked with, named Sol. I like that Pia didn't try to over charge for areas that are all considered brazilian areas. I have heard stories of other spas in Tampa. that do additional work w/out letting you know that it is an xtra charge until you're surprised at the register w/an additional unexpected $charge. Sol was gentle & professional. You have found a loyal customer in me. I will tell all my friends in S.Tampa!
April 3rd 2006
Mary A. | South Tampa Spa
I am so excited to have finally experienced your fabulous salon. I love my eyelashes and makeup. Also, your staff is extremely courteous and helpful. I have already started spreading the word....

I wish you continued success.
April 3rd 2006
Pam C. | South Tampa Spa
My fiance' and I experienced our first massage at your spa. Needless to say, it was a wonderful experience!! Both of us will definitely be coming back! The atmosphere and employees are wonderful and truly create a relaxing environment.
April 2nd 2006
Danielle M. | South Tampa Spa
I think Nayla was the employee, sorry I can't remember! I just wanted to comment because I have to say that my waxing experience was very professional and well worth my money. She did a wonderful job sculpting my brows and even added make-up when she finished, which I've never had done before : )
Athough I was her last customer, she still spent the time to make sure it was perfect and explained what she did to the brows when finished.

Thank you!
April 2nd 2006
Suzie | South Tampa Spa
What a relaxing environment for the end of a busy work day. Thank you for taking the time and effort to include all the small extras that create the environment.
April 2nd 2006
tina | South Tampa Spa
This was my first experience with Pia Esthetics Day Spa and I loved it! From the time I walked in the door the staff was exceptional and friendly. Nayla stopped by to let me know that she was prepping the room and would be right back. Once we were ready, Nayla put me right at ease and made sure that I was comfortable. She was friendly and professional and made the experience easy. From this experience I have no complaints and would happily recommend Pia's to others. Thank you!
March 31st 2006
Leigh G. | South Tampa Spa
All of the ladies were very nice. The spa was clean and quiet. The services were very reasonably priced. Overall, an excellent experience.
March 31st 2006
Esther W. | South Tampa Spa
My 1st Pia experiece was awesome. I am so happy I found a place so close to my home. I look forward to getting future services done.
March 30th 2006
Sharon N. | South Tampa Spa
Pia - you have done a wonderful job at putting me at ease in some awkward positions! I appreciate your expertise, efficiency, and hospitality. I am quite pleased with the results of my service, the hair is growing in much finer and sparser.

Thanks again - until next time,

Margot Harrison
March 30th 2006
Margot H. | South Tampa Spa
I must say that your new place is absolutely amazing! I love the new atmosphere and the AMPLE PARKING is definitily a BIG plus! I'm glad Sol is back too, it's always a pleasure!
March 29th 2006
Danielle L. | South Tampa Spa
Sol did a fantastic job on my wax. I had many ingrown hairs and she took the time to get all of them out. I promise to exfoliate more often next time!
March 29th 2006
Shannon S. | South Tampa Spa
Ericca is amazing! Her technique is flawless. She always makes me feel very comfortable and she even convinced me to try my first bikini wax. The new location is beautiful and the extra space makes the spa that much more of a great experience. I have recommended the spa to many of my friends and feel comfortable that they will love it just as much as I do.
March 29th 2006
Ann C. | South Tampa Spa
I usually come in to get brazilians, but up until this past time I have had them done by Nyla, who is amazing. She is VERY thorough and I think that is important with a Brazilian. You also feel like you are getting your moneys worth and more! This time I had Pia who I had not had before and she is also very good. She is very quick and keeps you very preoccupied in conversation. She finishes and I think Its over already? So far I have had nothing but good experiences at Pia Esthetics and I would recommend (and already have recommended) this place to everyone.
March 28th 2006
Priya | South Tampa Spa
Had yet another wonderful experience at Pia's! This was my third time in for a brazilian wax, and everyone was warm, friendly, and professional. I drive all the way from Orlando just to get waxed here. I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else! I've even gotten a friend hooked on Pia's too. She just had her second wax done here and loved Nayla too. We schedule our appointments together and make a whole day of it. Thanks!
March 28th 2006
Kim E. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful, very patient and caring. I was quite hesitant about the wax to begin with and ended coming out of your spa with a brazilian.
The best of it all that I will do it again.
March 28th 2006
Martha | South Tampa Spa
As always i had a great last visit for a deep pore cleansing facial w/ nayla. She has really taken the time to help me with my skin concerns, actaully everyone I have had an appt. with has. I love the new space, you guys have created a very welcoming environment. Looking forward to my next visit!
March 28th 2006
Jessica B. | South Tampa Spa
The woman that took care of my purchase was extremely helpful, to the point of calling me long distance twice, when our call was interupted for credit card purchases in the spa. On my recommendation and your website, 2 of my Tampa friends will be new customers. Thank you.
March 28th 2006
JD | South Tampa Spa
My first visit to Pia was definitely enough to make me want to come back. Nayla was extremely professional and thorough. I did not have to wait long for my appointment but there was a bit of a wait to pay so the receptionist suggested I use some of the wonderful scrubs in the bathroom. I have already suggested Pia to some of my friends!
March 28th 2006
Jennifer M. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful time. It was great to get to meet Pia and the waxing was perfect!
Thank you,
March 28th 2006
simone l. | South Tampa Spa