Reviews by Location:

She did a wonderful job in shaping my eyebrows. I will definitely recommend Pia's to friends and will be back.
March 27th 2006
Sara S. | South Tampa Spa
This visit was my first time getting a Sphynx. I was nervous however Sol was great. She explained the process to me and took her time to let me know all of the painful parts. In my opinion she is a great asset to your company. I thank her for making my first time a great one. I already have my second appointment with her.
March 27th 2006
Melinda T. | South Tampa Spa
I love Pia! She does a wonderful job and is so so friendly. OverallI love your store and will cont. to return.
March 27th 2006
Alisa D. | South Tampa Spa
Great job as always, I have been waxing for years, but this is my second time here. She really is the best in the business.
March 27th 2006
Sarah J. | South Tampa Spa
It was easy to make an appointment, the hours are convenient, the location is great and Pia was awesome. I was impressed enough by the establishment to grab a few cards and pass them out to my friends who were looking to try waxing for the first time.
March 27th 2006
Erin | South Tampa Spa
Pia, I would love to compliment you not only on your staff and surroundings, but the incredible, exciting and well-versed website. To be such a caring person to always ask the opinion of your clients is amazing.

March 27th 2006
Lynn M. | South Tampa Spa
Loved the new place, and parking! Wouldn't go any where else.
March 27th 2006
Katherine P. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was excellent! The atmosphere was relaxing, but trendy. The service was friendly and informative. Looking forward to going back next month!
March 27th 2006
Vanessa M. | South Tampa Spa
She was very nice and gentle. It was my first time and everything was good. I plan on going back.
March 27th 2006
Tee C. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I only got an upper lip wax, but it was the first time that it was really not red shortly after. Amazing! Thanks!
March 27th 2006
Denise A. | South Tampa Spa
This waxing service went by quickly and smoothly, to my delight.
March 27th 2006
Jema | South Tampa Spa
I really like the new place. Nayla did a wonderful job as always with waxing especially given my trouble growing back the one eyebrow from a bad prior waxing experience at another day spa. Thanks!
March 27th 2006
Christina | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience at the spa! I had a brazillian wax with Sol and she was so professional and nice. I have had waxes before and must say that this was the best one that I have ever had. HArdly painful =) and it came out wonderful! Sol is a great employee and Pia's is lucky to have her!
thanks for a great experience!!
March 27th 2006
kim b. | South Tampa Spa
All of the employees were very friendly and professional. I enjoyed all of the treatments that I experienced @ Pia's. I would definitely recommend Pia Esthetics to all of my friends.
March 27th 2006
Beth A. | South Tampa Spa
The new place is amazing!!! and as always pia, a fantastic quick painless job... thanks!
March 27th 2006
nathalie d. | South Tampa Spa
I think it was Nikki, can't remember her name but it was a great experience. She was super! She created a great atmosphere and i felt refreshed for the remainder of the weekend!
March 27th 2006
Sylvia P. | South Tampa Spa
Every wax experience no matter which employee has been wonderful. I look forward to my appointments because the rooms are very relaxing and calming.
March 27th 2006
Meghann M. | South Tampa Spa
I had a fabulous experience in your spa for my first sphynx wax. Nayla put me completely at ease and made it as painless as possible! I'm looking forward to my next appointment!
March 27th 2006
Meda B. | South Tampa Spa
Fabulous! I had been shaving for months, so I know my hair must have been tough, but she did a wonderful job. My brazilian is beautiful and I will definitely be back in a few weeks.
March 27th 2006
Julianne | South Tampa Spa
It was my first time with Sol as my waxist on March 6th. She did a wonderful job and was very friendly. I actually have another appointment with her soon :)

Pia, you've done an amazing job building your business and picking the perfect staff.

Eve A DuBose
March 27th 2006
Eve D. | South Tampa Spa
Sol was great and she did an awesome job at getting my ingrown hairs out!
March 27th 2006
Tori Z. | South Tampa Spa
Overall delightful experience and I look forward to returning. I appreciate the time both Pia and Ericca spent with me to correct eyelash extensions initially applied elsewhere. I should have come to Pia's first and have told others (including my hair dresser who has a large client base in South Tampa) this. I will continue to recommend Pia and Ericca for eyelash services.
March 27th 2006
Sandra G. | South Tampa Spa
Everything was great. The new building is amazing! Sol did a great job. She is VERY nice and very good at her job. Overall my experience was excellent, as always! Thank you.
March 27th 2006
dixie m. | South Tampa Spa
I was very pleased with the service. I think you guys did an outstanding job!

Thank you!
March 27th 2006
Ami P. | South Tampa Spa
She is wonderful. I've been twice for Brazilian wax and once for eyebrow shaping. I was very nervous before my visit, and she made me feel very comfortable.
March 27th 2006
Susan E. | South Tampa Spa
Always welcoming and professional. Would recommend to all my friends.
March 27th 2006
Becky S. | South Tampa Spa
as always the atmosphere was inviting and the employees welcoming and curtious.
March 27th 2006
amima k. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent visit. I love the new location. Pia is always on time and works efficiently to keep the client on time and comfortable.
March 27th 2006
Andrea Z. | South Tampa Spa
Sol was great I will recommend her anytime. It was the first time I had a brazilian wax and she made me felt very confortable.
March 27th 2006
Donna C. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful relaxing time at your spa. It was my first visit and I will plan to go back anytime I visit Tampa. The staff was all very pleasant and professional. I had an overall wonderful experience and will tell all family and friends visiting that they should try it out. Thank you again for the relaxing day.
March 27th 2006
Jennifer G. | South Tampa Spa
I really liked Pia. I am currently finishing up law school and will be permanently moving back to Tampa at the beginning of this summer. I plan on being a REGULAR at Pia's. Thanks!
March 27th 2006
Candace G. | South Tampa Spa
I loved the facial. It was very relaxing and my skin feels so soft afterwards. I definately will get one again.
March 27th 2006
Susanna A. | South Tampa Spa
Sol was absolutely wonderful! she made the 'waxing' experience almost painless. She was extremely thorough, and very good.
I will definately book my next appointment with Sol.
Pia- your new place is absolutely beautiful! the hardwood floors, and all the wondeful colors on the walls are really cute!
And the spacious parking lot is a god send!!
I will try to make it to your open house!
Deb Snow
March 27th 2006
debbie s. | South Tampa Spa
As always Pia's offices are beautifully decorated and relaxing. The music is always soohting and every visit is a refreshing experience. My wax technician did, as always, a great job. I have been a customer of Pias for several years now and have had waxes from Pia, Nayla and your newest wax specialist (I'm afraid I don't remember her name). I have also received manicures and pedicures in the past as well as a facial. Everyone does a great job on the services that are provided. Thank you all so much for making every experience a pleasant one!!
March 27th 2006
Michelle P. | South Tampa Spa
Another great experience at Pia'a. I loved her new place and wow what a big change. Even thought it's much bigger, it is very charming and still very quaint. I also very much like Ericca. Her knowledge of skincare was excellent and the body scrub...Oh la la! It was wonderful. Thanks again for a another great experence at Pia's!!!
March 27th 2006
Kelly B. | South Tampa Spa
Great 1st time experience w/Nyla!!! She is a genius & goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and able to handle the experience w/no problem. I will most definitely be back - thank you!!
March 27th 2006
Nicole C. | South Tampa Spa
My first experience with the spa and especially with Sol was wonderful. She did a great job with my brazilian and made me feel very comfortable during the entire process. I will be back shortly for additional services!

Thanks again, Teresa
March 27th 2006
Teresa R. | South Tampa Spa
I usually get a Brazilian from another Pia employee and am always happy with the experience. This time I had a new person and I'm not sure of her name, but she was great also. It took a bit longer than I am used to, but if it means being thorough I can't complain. Overall it was the same teriffic service and results that I am used to at Pia.

And I really like your new location!
March 27th 2006
Suzanne | South Tampa Spa
Lets face it, a brazilian wax, although necessary, can be uncomfortable for a client. Pia Esthetics is such a comforting place to have this type of thing done. the first time i went i thought it was great; very professional, comforting, welcoming and i wouldnt go anywhere else. great people, great atmosphere, great work. I LOVE PIA ESTHETICS!!!
March 27th 2006
Christine C. | South Tampa Spa
I visited your slaon to make several appointments and was very pleased with the young gal that assisted me. I wish I remembered her name! She helped me make my appointments and took her time with me, showing me other products in the salon - I even bought some! I am excited to start coming to your salon.
March 26th 2006
Christine E. | South Tampa Spa
I would like to thank Sol for taking the time to provide me with professional and custom service. She makes sure all my needs are addressed and provides answers and solutions to issues I encounter or am curious about. To the rest of the wonderful ladies at Pia, thank you for the personal attention!
March 26th 2006
Dalia | South Tampa Spa
What an awesome experience! Truly, Pia's is the best kept secret in Tampa. Your professionalism and attention to detailed and superb services is impressive. Sol is the best esthetician I have ever had in my spa life ;) Keep up the great work and I'll be back very soon!!!!!
March 26th 2006
April G. | South Tampa Spa
I have always received excellent service...from the receptionist to the estetician who does the waxing (so far Nayla, and Pia).
March 26th 2006
Edie B. | South Tampa Spa
A WINDERFUL first experiece with your spa. Sol was extemley professional and I plan to continue waxing with your business.
March 9th 2006
jenn k. | South Tampa Spa
Sol did a wonderful job. My eyebrows have never looked better!

Love the new facilities!
March 9th 2006
Becky R. | South Tampa Spa
As always, I am totally pleased. Nayla is such a professional and the environment is so very relaxing. Hard to imagine that I look forward to waxing!
March 8th 2006
Lynn M. | South Tampa Spa

Just wanted to say your New Place looks wonderful.
During my last visit I was able to get a tour of the facility and I was impress about the size of the parking lot and the inside look of all the spa sections.

Keep up the good job !!


Susana Figueredo
March 8th 2006
Susana F. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is wonderful!!!! I have been coming to her since she was doing it out of her home. The new place is wonderful!!!! Pia normally does my waxing, which she had the best technique. I've been to other places either when she couldn't fit me in (cause i always wait til the last minute) or when i was traveling the country. No one compares!!!! She touched up my eyebrows that are permanent makeup last week, and i love them. They have never looked better. She is a jack of all trades and she is amazing (so are her other girls) good luck with the new place!
March 8th 2006
BRANDI | South Tampa Spa
Another good wax. Nice facilities. Felt comfortable with wax procedure.
Receiptionist very friendly, offered drinks.
March 8th 2006
Traci T. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was awesome. She was warm and asked for my advice on something that is quite important, namely, how I LIKE my eyebrows to look rather than waxing them in a pre-determined way. I loved the way they looked!
March 7th 2006
Andrea | South Tampa Spa