Questions about: Eyelash Extensions

How do I care for Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions need minimal care:
  1. Your new extensions need a little spa break for the first 24 hours, ideally 48. That means no splashing about in the pool, no steaming sauna sessions, and no hot face showers. Cool? Cool.

  2. Time to get cozy with a gentle, oil-free cleanser! This little buddy will keep your eye area clean and your extensions happy.

  3. Treat your extensions like VIP guests - no roughhousing! No rubbing your eyes or tugging at your new lashes. They're delicate beauties!

  4. With these fab extensions, who needs mascara, right? As tempting as it might be, mascara is now a big no-no. Like a mischievous gremlin, it's sure to wreck your lovely extensions. Trust us, your new lashes are already stealing the show - no mascara necessary!

  5. Think of your eyelash extensions as a perfect soufflé - no extra tinkering needed. No tinting and definitely no perms or curlers. They're already curled to perfection, darling!

  6. Guess what? Our work is like a superhero, it's guaranteed. If any lash decides to take an unexpected leave or you encounter any problems, give us a ring within 5 days from your appointment. We'll set things right for free. After that, standard touch-up prices will apply.

And remember, your extensions are like tiny works of art - they need love and care! Enjoy them and flaunt that fabulous lash line.

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