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Eyelash Lift after care

Congratulations on your fab new eyelash lift! Here are some whimsical and friendly aftercare tips to keep your lashes looking their lifted best:

  1. Post-lift, your lashes are like a high-fashion model on the runway – ditch the mascara and give them a break.
  2. Channel your inner mermaid, but only after 24 hours! No swimming, steaming, or splashing hot water on your face until then. Your lashes need that time to set their new curve.
  3. Rubbing your eyes is a big no-no. Think of your lashes as a delicate silk dress – they need gentle care!
  4. When it comes to cleansing, stick with oil-free and gentle eye makeup remover.
  5. Our lashes are now naturally curled to perfection, so no extra curling needed, darling!
  6. Stay on top of your lash game with regular touch-ups. Your lashes, just like a chic French manicure, need maintenance every 6-8 weeks to keep looking fresh.
  7. Remember, your lashes are now like VIPs - they've had a chemical makeover and need a little extra love! Treat them like the superstars they are with our aftercare serum, handpicked by our expert lash wizards. This serum will keep your lashes hydrated and fed, keeping them show-ready between treatments. So go ahead, spoil your lash divas with some well-deserved pampering!

Enjoy the low maintenance and high impact of your new eyelash lift, and bat those lashes with pride!

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