Manzilian Waxing (**available currently at the St. Pete location- more locations to come**)


Let's be honest waxing, and being free of hair is not just for women anymore. More and more men are choosing to do a little “manscaping,” and it's safe to say the trend is just going to keep getting more popular. The problem is finding the right place to help you achieve your body image goals. Although the number of men getting manzilian waxing is increasing, there aren't a lot of spas that offer the service. That is why you should consider calling Pia Day Spa in St. Pete. Their extensive list of services includes some just for men! Keep reading to learn more about the manzilian waxing.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Manzilian Waxing

Like any beauty service, there are bound to be questions you want to be answered before deciding whether or not the service is right for you! The Manzilian Waxing will leave you feeling smooth and groomed with a small, tidy area of pubic hair left behind. Most men who have had this waxing reported that their self-image has been heightened, and they also say they feel more hygienic than when they have an ungroomed area. Although these are fantastic reasons to try out Manzilian Waxing for yourself, there are bound to be other questions on your mind!

Does waxing hurt? Some men have reported feeling pain during and after their waxing, but the level of pain you experience depends on your own individual pain threshold. On the other hand, once you begin waxing on a regular basis, it tends to become practically painless since your body is used to the process. The best way to achieve a painless experience is to keep up with regular appointments and avoid shaving in between.  

Why not just shave? Every time you shave a part of your body, it stimulates potential hair growth and can strengthen the hair follicles under your skin. On top of that, shaving cuts the hair rather than removing it completely. This causes the hair not only to re-grow but also to become stubby and itchy.

What is the best way to prevent ingrown hairs? In order to avoid getting ingrown hairs, we suggest regularly exfoliating the waxed area starting a week after your session. Also, use sensitive lotion to help treat any itchiness.

Are there any side effects to waxing? It's impossible to predict whether or not you're going to have a reaction to any of the products used during waxing, but most clients do not experience anything beyond redness or minor irritation for a short time following their session. It is important that you follow any aftercare advice and instructions that the waxer gives you.

How long does the hair have to be to get waxed? It is suggested that your hair is at least one millimeter. However, for the best results, you should have ¼ of an inch of hair. Shorter hairs are actually harder to remove than longer ones.

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