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I cannot say enough amazing things about Pia's. My esthetician is always a charming and professional esthetician and I love love love her. I was running late, as per usual, as she graciously escorted me to her area and provided the service. The young lady at the front desk, whose name escapes me, also went above and beyond with her service, expertise, and friendliness. I am so happy each time I leave Pia's. The employees are knowledgeable and kind, the retail product selection is diverse and high quality, and the atmosphere of the spa is exactly what I want in a day spa. It is by far one of my favorite places to spend time and I will continue to return over and over again. Thank You SO much! Also, a special thanks as recently my cat was hit by a driver - a hit and run - she survived with broken hips, tail, and is now in a body cast. This happened before I was to come in for a service. I called Pia's and explained the situation and not only was I given understanding and empathy, able to cancel well beyond the standard time necessary, but was given a courtesy call the next day to check up on my cat. THAT is outstanding client service. I don't know who called me but I would expect any individual under that roof to all be as caring and understanding so it does't matter so much who called - it's simply the ethics that Pia's operates under. Thank You SO much!

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