Definitely waxing is one of our top expertise areas. Our estheticians are highly trained on the best speed waxing techniques to perform this delicate procedure and guarantee a smooth and flawless result.

Waxing is a longer lasting and more effective method of hair removal than shaving and depilatories. Your skin looks beautiful and soft for weeks. Waxing may also help reduce hair growth.

You can wax your full body or just specific areas, such as the lip, chin, brows, bikini area, arms, forearms, underarms and legs.

During our waxing services, we use an unique european liquid wax or hard wax. Both methods provide excellent hair removal from all areas of the body, without the worry of irritation, redness, or sensitive skin. When working on large areas, such as the legs, back, chest and arms, the procedure is performed with a roll-on to make the waxing process quicker and efficient.

I have been going to Sol for waxing and have now added Orit for massage. They are both fantastic. Sol gets the shape of my brows perfect every time and never irritates the area. When it is done, she dusts loose powder to cover any redness so I don t have to leave with that just got my brows waxed look. Her other waxing is great too, she gets every hair, no matter where, and leaves me with smooth skin and less chance of ingrown hair. Recently I tried Orit for massage. She too is fantastic: knowledgable about aches, pains, stress on the body and fun to talk to. I was really sore from a long drive and a long week out of town for work, she got me functioning again! That is saying a lot! I have also been to Pia for waxing and some of the other girls for facials. Everyone here is so professional and friendly, I really don t bother with shopping around for spa services anymore...I just call Pia!

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