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Definitely waxing is one of our top expertise areas. Our estheticians are highly trained on the best speed waxing techniques to perform this delicate procedure and guarantee a smooth and flawless result.

Waxing is a longer lasting and more effective method of hair removal than shaving and depilatories. Your skin looks beautiful and soft for weeks. Waxing may also help reduce hair growth.

You can wax your full body or just specific areas, such as the lip, chin, brows, bikini area, arms, forearms, underarms and legs.

During our waxing services, we use an unique european liquid wax or hard wax. Both methods provide excellent hair removal from all areas of the body, without the worry of irritation, redness, or sensitive skin. When working on large areas, such as the legs, back, chest and arms, the procedure is performed with a roll-on to make the waxing process quicker and efficient.

Saturday, April 24th was my second visit to the spa, but my third time having a wax treatment done by Beatriz. Each occasion I have been tot he spa, I have been greeted professionally, and warmly welcomed, by Beatriz. I find her to be extremely thorough and meticulous in her service and appreciate the amount of conversation offered during what can be a very intimate situation! Her demeanor is professional from start to finish which makes the aforementioned situations much easier to experience.

I have visited a number of spas in order to receive a good Brazilian Bikini wax and I am beyond pleased with Beatriz's exceptional work. As I left my last visit, I scheduled my next appointment--something I have never done at past spas.

As an aside, I was pleasantly surprised when, upon my arrival to my first visit, the receptionist (I believe her name is Maria?), greeted me in a friendly, yet professional manner, and offered me a variety of beverages. That kind of service will keep me coming back to Pia, and also encourages me to spread the word to friends and family! Kudos to the Pia staff for their exceptional service.

Many thanks!

Winter Park Spa

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