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Definitely waxing is one of our top expertise areas. Our estheticians are highly trained on the best speed waxing techniques to perform this delicate procedure and guarantee a smooth and flawless result.

Waxing is a longer lasting and more effective method of hair removal than shaving and depilatories. Your skin looks beautiful and soft for weeks. Waxing may also help reduce hair growth.

You can wax your full body or just specific areas, such as the lip, chin, brows, bikini area, arms, forearms, underarms and legs.

During our waxing services, we use an unique european liquid wax or hard wax. Both methods provide excellent hair removal from all areas of the body, without the worry of irritation, redness, or sensitive skin. When working on large areas, such as the legs, back, chest and arms, the procedure is performed with a roll-on to make the waxing process quicker and efficient.

Walking into Pia from the busy street is like stepping into your own little fresh windowed green nest. Your senses are immediately soothed by ambient Brazilian music, the scent of an exotic candle and seemingly perfect air temperature. Marcela greets you warmly and invites you to have a seat.

Your eyes widen as you take in the vibrant energy of the interior decor and how it is complimented by the clean lines and colorful palette of perfectly placed products which stimulate you to wander amongst the plethora of shelves for just a moment. Marcela, ever the gracious host, hands you a glass of full-bodied wine or cool spring water, while you sneak a sideways glance at the numerous bowls of chocolate and sweets within your grasp. Maybe I'll have one, maybe I won't ...but it is all there for me if I would like it.

It sinks in further that you are someplace special, someplace that is all about you. You begin to sit all the way back into your chair. Your breathing slows and deepens, both shoulders drop as you begin to anticipate the next room you will enter. A big sound and slight rumble washes over Pia as the train passes by. A small grin creeps over your face, for you are safe here in the green nest of Pia. The sound of footsteps approaching, a larger grin blossoms... because it is your turn now.
Marcela and Bilyana, as always, are kind, talented, beautiful and professional members of the Pia team. Whether I am there having a facial, a massage, a eyebrow shaping or eyelash/ eyebrow coloring. I don't get to visit Pia as often as I would like to, but whenever I do, it feels almost as though I am coming over to a friend's house for some beauty help or relaxation and that in itself is such a nice experience to have on top of whatever service I am having...especially these days. Thank you for that.

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