6 Ways To Keep Your Makeup (And Skin) Germ Free!

6 Ways To Keep Your Makeup (And Skin) Germ Free!

6 Ways To Keep Your Makeup (And Skin) Germ Free!While it's common knowledge that you should clean your makeup brushes once a week and toss any expired makeup, bacteria can still make its way into your products and thus onto your face. If you experience any acne, redness or skin infections it's likely caused by bacteria that's snuck into your makeup. Read on to find out how bacteria gets into your makeup and how to prevent this in the future!

1. Makeup Brush 101

Cleaning your makeup brushes once a week is highly recommended. Likewise, it is very important that you use separate brushes for separate products! By doing so you are reducing the chance that you will transfer any oils or bacteria from one product (and brush) to another. If you only use one brush, say to apply powder, use a separate brush to apply your blush and notice clearer skin in no time!

2. Mascara 101

Pumping your mascara wand into the tube to get more product on the brush not only dries the wand out but also creates a breeding ground for germs. Applying your mascara onto your eyelashes and inserting it back into the tube again and again allows these germs to continue to live and be passed back and forth, putting your eyes at risk for infection. To prevent this simply swirl the brush inside the tube instead and always replace your mascara after 3 months.

3. Lipstick Application 101

Before applying any lip product it is very important to wipe your lips clean first, especially if you've just eaten. In fact, if you've just eaten it's also a smart idea to brush your teeth first as well! Bacteria can live on your lips and, if you don't wipe them clean before applying lipstick or gloss, can be passed into and live inside the tube. If you don't wipe your lips clean and brush your teeth after eating prior to applying lipstick you're pushing tiny leftover food particles onto your lips and your lip product. Once you insert it back into the tube the bacteria will continue to live and grow spreading back onto your lips when you reapply.

4. Don't Share Your Makeup!

It's never a smart idea to share any of your makeup. This is particularly true for eye makeup since your eyes are most susceptible to infections. Why? Once you share your makeup with your friends you are swapping bacteria. While sharing cosmetics can be tempting it typically won't end well!

5. Clean Your Makeup Bag

Even if you dutifully clean all your makeup brushes, sponges and products it does not make for a clean makeup bag. The best way to keep your makeup bag clean is to wash it once a month. You can clean it with towels in the laundry or simply place it in the dishwasher. Doing so will loosen up and kill any built up bacteria and sanitize it in the process.

6. Keep your Kleenex Close!

It is flu season after all and if you sneeze while applying your makeup that bacteria could fall onto any open makeup containers. If you're sick it's best to avoid applying makeup at all however, if you must and you feel a sneeze coming on try to sneeze into a Kleenex or in another room to prevent your products from becoming contaminated.


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