Are You Exfoliating Too Much?

Are You Exfoliating Too Much?Exfoliation, it's that skin care step that everyone knows they should be doing. The question is, how does one exfoliate correctly? As you probably already know this step can be quite confusing, and for good reason! There is a lot of conflicting information about this critical step out there, so it's only natural that so many people are confused. It seems like many doctors have different opinions on when, where and how much exfoliation the typical person needs. Pair that with the different types of exfoliants (ie. chemical versus mechanical) and it's clear why there is so much confusion going around!

So, how often should you be exfoliating? Some dermatologists recommend twice a week. Others advise exfoliating daily. The truth is, it is completely dependent on the individual. Meaning, different skin types and textures have different needs. The best advice is to ease yourself into any new exfoliating regimen. Begin by testing a new product on your face, say once weekly. If your skin reacts positively, step it up to twice a week and work into using it more frequently, even daily if the product is safe to do so. Daily exfoliation is okay if your face isn't irritated and your using a product that is designed to be used daily, for example Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant.

Over time your skin may begin to adapt to the product you're using to exfoliate with. The solution to this is not to exfoliate harder to get the same results; it's to change your exfoliant. Again, this is very individual-based. Some people can use the same exfoliant for years and be very happy with the results while others may need to switch it up every few months.

All in all a beneficial exfoliation should make your skin feel smoother, refreshed and invigorated. You should see a beautiful glow and radiance to your skin when you look in the mirror. It's similar to the feeling you get after a teeth-cleaning. Like your teeth, your skin should feel squeaky-clean after each exfoliation.

Just be careful to not let that squeaky-clean feeling cause you to over-exfoliate! Signs of exfoliation include redness, flaking or peeling of the skin. Too much exfoliation can even be dangerous to your health. Case in point, if you notice any of the above-mentioned signs of over-exfoliation your skin's outer layer could be breaking down. This process is harmful to your health because that layer protects against pathogens.

If you do exfoliate to the point of redness and flaking please, do your skin a favor and put down your product for a while. Taking an exfoliation break for three to four day to let your skin heal will only benefit it in the long run. When in doubt we are here to help! Call or stop in any time to make an appointment to meet with any of our estheticians for a facial or product recommendations specifically for your skin! We look forward to speaking with you!