Patch Picks: Best Spas for Waxing

Pia's was named as the top place to get those unruly hairs removed in Westchase.
Credit Arielle Stevenson

When it comes to those genetics that put hair in places we hadn't intended, it's good to know where to go to get waxed. In this week's Patch Picks, we give you our top four spas for waxing in Westchase. Check out the video of our number one pick!

1. Pia Day Spa is notoriously good at all forms of waxing, especially the dreaded bikini and Brazilian wax. That is why they got our top spot for Patch Picks. Owner Pia Trujillo does a basic Brazilian wax for $48, with a shape design for $65. She also offers a sexy bikini wax for $37, a completely bare bikini for $54, and a basic bikini line wax for $28. Trujillo has been in Esthetics for 12 years, eight of them spent running her own spa. For your peepers, Trujillo offers eyebrow waxing for $18. Jennifer Marino, Westchase resident in the Trinity community, says she won't get waxed by anyone else.

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