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Brazilian wax in Tampa? It’s always a good idea at Pia’s

Where to wax it in Tampa 🙂 ?

Pia Esthetics Day Spa has been a trusted brand since 2004. Back then, no one offered Brazilian wax in Tampa, so we took waxing to an entirely new level by providing excellent care and quality in every service offered since then.
Our people are experts on: Completely bare bikini wax (also known as Sphynx wax), Bikini Wax, Eyebrow wax (sculpting) and have performed hundreds of thousands of waxes since we opened, and have achieved a 99% satisfaction rate on the overall experience.

If you have not tried Pia’s Brazilian bikini wax, make sure to book your appointment now. Stop wondering if the other place you’re considering is good o not just because their name has “wax” on it.
At Pia’s, you are guaranteed that everyone is a true expert, and we stand behind our work 100%.

Do you have questions? Not sure if it’s right for you? Please Contact us now.
If you’d like to speak to an esthetician about specific concerns, please let us know.

What happens during a bikini wax?

The esthetician in charge of your bikini wax will assess your skin type and eligibility. Pubic Hair must be long enough for waxing for waxing to be successfully smooth.
The esthetician will leave the room while you put on the provided disposable underwear. She will proceed to apply wax over the bikini area. A muslin strip is applied against the skin covered with wax and then ripped at a very fast speed. The process is repeated until the area is hair free. Sometimes stray or remaining hairs must be removed with a tweezer, for more precision and to avoid over-waxing areas.

Is waxing safe?

Absolutely. The heat of the wax will never hurt your skin. If you are under certain medications or have certain skin or vascular conditions you may feel it hotter than it is. That’s precisely why is so important to be honest with your technician answering the questions in the form.
Make sure the day spa or waxing salon you visit use disposable items and has a clean environment in general.

Does waxing hurt?

It does to a point. It all depends on different factors, being the main one the skill of your waxing professional. Your pain tolerance obviously plays a role as well. With Pia’s waxing techniques we hear over and over this phrase after their first waxing service with us: oh, it wasn’t that bad! 
For the most part, we see an incredible amount of people who had bad first experiences and decided to give it a second change with us. They all love it and become regular waxing clients.
Some people use numbing creams for their first appointment but they realize if not really worth it in all cases.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

The brazilian wax or playboy wax  leaves a vertical strip in front, two to three fingers in width. Hair is removed all the way from the labia to the back part of the buttocks. It looks clean, neat and smooth. Lasts from 3 to 4 weeks.

What are the benefits of waxing?


What if I have more questions about waxing?

You can try reading our FAQs on waxing, that covers most questions people ask before they get a brazilian bikini wax, a bikini wax or any waxing procedure in general.

If you still have questions or are not in the mood of reading, please feel free to give us a call so we can answer any questions regarding your next waxing appointment.


Everything from bikini line hair removal, facial hair removal, or hair removal for men in Tampa, Pia is the safest choice. When you choose a place to get your first brazilian wax, make sure is a reputable establishment with a track record. If you are waxing it in Tampa, wax it at Pia’s.
Brazilian wax in Tampa at Pia’s: always a good idea.

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