Can't Resist Popping that Pimple? Here's How to Pop it Safely

Can't Resist Popping that Pimple? Here's How to Pop it SafelyPimples come and go. Finding ways to disguise them and make them disappear as soon as possible is what we really need to focus on! Typically pimples will disappear on their own within a week. Picking at it only prolongs this, so please try not to! Trying to pop a pimple the wrong way can leave a scar that lasts for months. We all want beautiful, even skin tones, right? Well, keep reading to find out how to cause the least damage to your delicate skin while safely eliminating those random pimples.

What Type of Pimple Is It?

When you first see a pimple, please, don't touch it! Just grab your mirror and look at it for a moment. Is it a whitehead? If so, it will take one or two days for the pus to get the surface. Is it a cyst? If so don't squeeze it! Cysts will go away on their own, they are an infection and should never be squeezed. The only time you should squeeze a pimple is if it's a whitehead. Picking at any pimple can cause infections so be careful not to touch them. I know, it's hard, but what's worse is an unsightly infection!

Grab Tissues

If you discover a whitehead the safest way to pop it is to grab a box of tissues and wrap two around each forefinger. These fingers will give you control when popping and will prevent fingernail marks from appearing on your skin. The tissue will prevent germs from invading the pimple and causing an infection.

Take Position

Place your fingers to each side of the pimple and gently pull outwards. The key to squeezing is to insert pressure from beneath the pimple, easing the pus out. Try squeezing and if it's ready to come out it will. Also, try different angles. If nothing comes out just be patient and try again in one or two days.

Post-Popping Treatment

If pus comes out of the pimple have a spot treatment ready to dry it out and draw any infection to the surface. A great spot treatment is Dermalogica's Overnight Clearing Gel. Just be careful to apply the treatment after popping, never before. If you apply it before you pop it will dry your skin, not the infection, causing scars when you finally pop it because your skin around it will be flaky and dry.

Scar Prevention

Whether you pop a pimple or it opens on its own it will form a scab. After this scab disappears there will normally be some sort of dark mark. Try applying a brightening treatment to fade this spot quickly. Exfoliating is also effective. Using them both together is best! I like Dermalogica's C-12 Pure Bright serum and Gentle Cream Exfoliant. Trust me, use these and your blemish marks will be a distant memory in no time.

In the long run, it's best to keep your hands away from your skin. However, with patience and skill your pimples can be popped, if and when they're ready. I hope this helped! Any questions please call or stop in to schedule an appointment with me or any of our estheticians for more information!

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