Dare to be Bare! Brazilian wax in your area

Not that a bare and smooth bikini area will make you feel more comfortable and sexy, but that you can finally say GOOD-BYE to pharmacy razors that don't do any favor to your delicate skin.

Dare to be Bare! Brazilian wax in your areaUnlike razors, that irritate your skin and lead to ingrown hairs, our wax method is designed to pull your hair by the root; which over time will  stop growing as thick and abundant.

If you DARE TO BARE this 2017, we want to encourage you to do it at the beginning of the year, so you can see the amazing long-term results  during summer season.

OUR ONLY ADVICE: Be mindful of where you are getting waxed! Some places don't count with the years of experience Pia's team does and could make your first time a little harder than it has to be.

At Pia's not only we make sure you are feeling comfortable and pampered, but we also provide the less painful and more effective wax service in Tampa Bay. As Metro Magazine recognized us this 2016 and previous years : "Best Wax in Town".

2016 Best wax in town

**We can only guarantee you, you will love it so much; you will be back!