Don't Believe It! The Truth about Common Skin Care Misconceptions –Part 1

Don't Believe It! The Truth about Common Skin Care Misconceptions –Part 1Want to make the best choices for your skin type and concern? If you're like most of my clients your answer is yes and, while there's so much advice on how to and how not to care for your skin everywhere we look, I'm happy to clear the most important misconceptions up for you! Skin care should be simple, I'm a skin care professional and I've heard and seen it all. Keep reading to find out exactly what is true and what you can forget!

The Truth about Sunscreen

Let me guess. You probably thought that an SPF of 30 will protect your skin twice as much as an SPF of 15. Wrong! An SPF of 30 actually only protects  your skin 4% more than an SPF of 15 and an SPF of 45 only protects your skin 2% more than an SPF of 30. Confusing, right? The truth is that a high SPF protection number isn't really going to protect your skin more than a lesser number. So, how do you protect your skin? Apply an SPF liberally and reapply it a lot. More often than you would think is necessary. If you are acne prone choose an SPF with zinc oxide, it offers both UVA and UVB protection and is much less likely to clog your pores! It's also a perfect choice for those of you with sensitive skin because it is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients. Stock up and start protecting your skin now!

The Truth about Genetics

If you believe that aging is 100% genetic and can't be prevented, think again. So many people think that just because their mother or grandmother has flawless skin they will too. I wish this were true, but it's simply an old wives tale. Sorry to break it to you! The truth is, approximately 70% of aging depends on how you care for your skin. The remaining 30% is genetic. What does this mean? Taking care of your skin now affects how fast your skin ages later. Your lifestyle choices make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin, aka, how old you look! So, be smart! Eat healthy, exercise to sweat out the toxins, avoid smoking and excess alcohol, get enough sleep and take care of your skin, morning and night. It's no secret that applying sunscreen every day is the most important step in fighting the signs of aging. UV rays are the #1 cause of premature skin aging. Take that into consideration and it's pretty easy to understand that sunscreen can dramatically slow this process down. So, while it may be tempting to rush out and start your day with just a moisturizer or foundation, I highly suggest you apply an SPF if you want your skin to stay looking young and fresh for decades to come. Gorgeous skin comes from being committed to your skin care routine and making smart choices.

I hope these two truths have cleared things up for you! Watch for Part 2 of this series next week to learn even more about sunscreen as well as the truth about sun damage and product ingredients.
xo Pia T (2)