Debunking Common Myths About Eyelash Extensions: A Guide to Proper Care and Maintenance

eyelashes of your dreams at Pia's in Tampa

There is no magical treatment that will make you have long, full, and curly eyelashes from one night to another, but there is something close to this dream: Eyelash Extensions. Imagine waking up in the morning to beautiful lashes and going to bed at night without struggling to take your mascara off. At Pia's, we promise to give you the eyelashes of your dreams!

eyelashes of your dreams in Tampa Bay

But first, let's break some common misconceptions... 

Myth #1: Eyelash Extensions are harmful to your natural lashes

Fact: In order to get eyelash extensions, we need you to have a foundation of strong and healthy lashes so they can support the small extra weight. Remember, they are applied one by one by our experienced professionals.

Myth #2: They do not last for more than a week.

Fact: Depending on how much care you give them, they could last up to 3 weeks. Touch-ups are also encouraged every 2-4 weeks so they can always look full and natural.

Myth #3: You cannot remove your Eyelash Extensions without Ripping out your real ones.

Fact: We professionally remove them for you. There is no need to experiment at home.

Myth #4: You can't swim or get in the water with Eyelash Extensions.

Fact: Yes, you can! Our service is 100% waterproof. However, we encourage them to wait a few days without exposure to saunas or swimming pools.

Myth #5: You don't need to care for your Eyelash Extensions.

Fact: Taking care of your Eyelash Extensions will make them last longer than expected! Simply avoid excessive rubbing, waterproof mascaras (or mascaras at all), and oil-based cleansers. Instead, we recommend water-based makeup removers.

Willing to get Eyelash Extensions at Pia's?

Since it's an often requested service at our Spa, we recommend booking your appointment within a couple of weeks of anticipation. Also, don't forget to confirm or cancel your appointment, if necessary, so we can give other clients the chance to get this amazing service!

*  Check out this #TBT video at Pia's, where we were one of the very first spas in the Bay to offer eyelash extensions. Time flies!

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