Halloween Nails, Facials and More!

Spooky services for Halloween, Pedicure/Manicure, Waxing to prepare for the perfect costume, Facials to keep your face clean and fresh before the costume makeup, Makeup & Updos



Halloween Nails, Facials and More!


It's that time of the year again! Halloween is a beloved holiday because it is a time of the year where everybody can dress up and have fun. Who doesn't love makeup, costumes, and the magic of transformation? Here at Pia Day Spa, we are here to take care of all your skincare and nail needs so that you can have a great Halloween. Our spooky services for Halloween include pedicure/manicure, waxing to prepare for the perfect costume, facials to keep your face clean fresh before putting on costume makeup, and a variety of makeup and updos so that you can have the perfect costume party look! 


At Pia Day Spa, our expert estheticians work to keep your skin fresh and ready for all the heavy costume makeup and weather changes throughout the season. All of our estheticians are Demalogica Skin Care Experts, certified by the International Dermal Institute, an established authority on skin care. The skincare treatments that we offer aim to concentrate on your unique needs, and every skin treatment is customized for your specific case. We are here to pamper trick-or-treaters prepping for the holiday season with skin treatments that will help you relax from the holiday stress as well as achieve optimum skin health. Enjoy our relaxing body touch therapy with every facial so that your entire body can relax while your skin benefits from Dermalogica's skin care line! 


There are many aspects to dressing up for Halloween, from your makeup to your nails and hair! Here at Pia Day Spa, we are excited to help you prepare for the best Halloween ever. Come get your facial so that you are well-rested and looking sharp before you put on your Halloween gear. We offer many different nail designs for your pedicure or manicure, such as seasonal favorites like pumpkins and witch talons! But it's about more than just the paint- your hands and feet deserve much more than a “quick fix.” Our organic scrubs, lotions, and polishes will not only give you the spooky seasonal look you desire, but also provide a first-class service! Try any of our manicure and pedicure packages to feel truly pampered before the onslaught of Halloween festivities. After all, who doesn't want to be all glammed (or spooked!) out from head to toe? 


Pia Day Spa also offers waxing services for those of you who are more adventurous and would like to show a little more skin with your costume choices. Our estheticians are highly qualified on the best speed waxing techniques in order to perform this delicate procedure and give you smooth, flawless skin. Waxing is a much longer-lasting and effective method of hair removal, and here at Pia Day Spa you can wax your full body or target any specific areas. With our state-of-the-art materials and services, your skin will be looking dewey, fresh, and smooth for any costume you care to don! When you know that you look great under your costume, you will feel great in it. Come to Pia Day Spa today to look your best for the holiday season!