Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Skin for Waxing

Waxing at Pia Esthetics

Waxing is one of the most popular options to keep your skin smooth and hairless for several weeks. However, this is not a decision to make lightly. It doesn’t matter if you wax a smaller area, such as your upper lip or eyebrows, or have a larger area waxed, such as your legs or bikini area; some prep is required to minimize discomfort and help you see the best possible results. 

If you have a waxing session schedule, use the tips and information here to ensure you are prepared. 

Check Your Skin

It doesn’t matter what you plan to have waxed; you need to check your skin before your appointment. If there is any inflammation or broken skin, it needs to heal before a waxing session. If there are beauty marks or moles in the area, be sure to let your esthetician know about them, so they are protected during the waxing session. 

Let Your Hair Grow

It’s important to make sure your hair grows long enough for the wax to grip it. If your hair is too short, the wax will not be able to pick it up well enough to remove it. If the hair is too long, the wax will not adhere well, and it can cause more pain. The ideal length is about an eighth to a quarter of an inch for underarms, legs, and the bikini area. Usually, if you allow your hair to grow for about two to three weeks, it will be the perfect length for waxing. 


You should gently exfoliate your skin about a day or two before you wax it. However, it would help if you skipped any harsh scrubs the day of your waxing session. Exfoliation will help ensure the wax grabs your hair rather than the skin. However, it can also leave the skin more pain sensitive, which is why lighter is better. You can use a rough washcloth for the perfect amount of gentle exfoliation. Just make sure not to scrub too hard. 

Moisturize, but Not the Day of the Waxing Session

Be sure to moisturize the area to be waxed well on the days leading up to your appointment. When your skin is well-moisturized and healthy, the wax will release much more easily. However, if too much moisturizer is used, it can coat the hair and impact the wax’s grip. This is why you should not moisturize the day of your scheduled waxing session. 

Finding the Right Waxing Service Matters

If you are scheduling a waxing session, you need to make sure you find and hire a quality service provider to handle the process. Doing this will help ensure you get the smooth, healthy skin you want. Also, keep the tips and information here in mind to ensure your waxing session is successful and that you get the desired results. Being informed is the best way to ensure you are fully prepared for your upcoming waxing session.