Is it really that bad to sleep with your makeup on?

Is it really that bad to sleep with your makeup on?   I know, we've all been there. You get home late and the last, -last- thing you want to do is take the time to wash your face. Is sleeping in your makeup that bad, you wonder? Uh, yes! Now you're probably wondering just how bad. As in, a few times can't hurt bad? We all know that we should wash makeup off before bed, but I still get questions about this a lot! So I'm gonna clear it up for you, breaking down exactly what happens when you don't wash your makeup off before you fall asleep.

What's the worst that can happen?

Makeup clogs your pores while you sleep. What does this cause? Acne!! Also, throughout the day your makeup absorbs all the free radicals swirling around in the air. Guess what these free radicals do. They breakdown your skin's collagen, causing fine lines! Who wants that if you can prevent it? Not me, and my guess is not you.

What about just one night?

Will one night still clog pores or cause breakouts? It's unlikely, but each night you sleep in your makeup your pores become more clogged. So, one night probably won't hurt but more than one can attract acne-causing bacteria to your pores like a magnet!

What about wrinkles?

Will sleeping in your makeup really cause premature aging? YES! When you don't wash your makeup off you don't give your skin the chance to repair itself from all the toxins it's exposed to during the day. This, along with the free radicals I mentioned, are what causes fine lines and premature aging. So clean your face to give your skin a chance to recover and prevent any signs of aging. Make it super easy by using a Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipe. I LOVE these. They literally wipe all your makeup away in seconds!

Does eye makeup count?

Sleeping in eye makeup probably won't cause fine lines, but it can still cause problems! How? Your mascara and eyeliner rubs off on your pillow while you sleep and ends up in your eyes. So, if you don't want your eyes to be red and irritated when you wake up keep your PreCleanse Wipes next to your bed to wipe it all off when you're just too sleepy to properly cleanse your face.

What's the worse makeup to sleep in?

Foundation!! That and primers are the worst offenders because they prevent your skin from renewing itself overnight. So, if you don't want acne, blackheads or dull skin make sure to remove all your makeup before bed. Trust me, Dermalogica's PreCleanse wipes are a true skin saver! Good news, we carry them in each Pia Day Spa.

xo Pia T (2)