It's 2015! Make this Your Most Beautiful Year Yet! Part 1

It's 2015! Make this Your Most Beautiful Year Yet! Part 1I think we all can agree that most people resolve to exercise more or to be more conscious of their eating habits come New Year's day. While this is great, it is also a very smart idea to be more attentive to skin care habits! Let's be realistic, it can't hurt to take some time to reflect on your current beauty routine and make a few positive changes to super-charge your skin's glow for longer-lasting results. Here's my first two topics of advice on how best to care for your skin to get a more radiant glow this year! Stayed tuned next week for more!

Set Your Alarm

We all know that too much sleep or too little sleep can wreak havoc on how well we function day to day but did you know that too much or inadequate sleep can show on your face too? It's true! Not getting a good night's sleep, and even sleeping in, can be detrimental to your complexion. When you sleep your body eliminates toxins so, not getting enough sleep causes these toxins to store up in your body and release through your skin, as in on your face as a pimple! If that's not bad enough, lack of sleep also reduces the effectiveness of your circulation. How does this show on your face? Under your eyes, as puffiness and dark circles. Let's not forget the physical effects of poor sleep habits! Yawning in itself causes your eyes to water and become puffy, making you look sleepy. So, my advice is to set an alarm, not just one, but two! One to remind yourself that your ideal bedtime is nearing so you get to sleep at a reasonable hour and another to wake you up after a full night's sleep! Many people swear by the 8 hour rule, if that works for you, stick to it, your face will thank you!

Protect your Neck

How many times have you cleansed your face and not once considered your neck? Be honest, we all make this mistake! While it's common to forget to wash this area it is an extension of your face so try your best to pay attention to this area too. It needs your love just as much as your eyes and lips! They are each prime places where aging shows first. So, wash, exfoliate a few times a week and apply your favorite SPF to prevent any premature aging! In this climate it is critical to apply your SPF everyday, even in the winter when you'd least expect the sun's rays to damage your skin. They are just as harmful as in the summer, so don't let this cool air fool you!

Remember, stayed tuned next week to read my other tips on how to amp up your skin care habits to make this your most jaw-dropping, head-turning year yet! Happy New Year!

xo Pia T (2)