Meet Loralee Koontz: Your Expert Botox and Dysport Injector at Pia's

Loralee Koontz, MPAS, PA-C - Botox and Dysport in Tampa

Recent studies show a remarkable 25% increase in non-surgical cosmetic procedures over the past year, reflecting a growing trust in aesthetic treatments. Among these, Botox and Dysport continue to lead as favorites for those seeking youthful and natural-looking skin.

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Loralee Koontz: A Renowned Expert

Loralee Koontz, MPAS, PA-C - Botox and Dysport in Tampa BayLoralee Koontz, PA-C, is not just another practitioner; she is an expert aesthetic injector with over 20 years of dedicated experience. Loralee's journey in aesthetic medicine is marked by profound expertise and a deep understanding of facial anatomy, making her a rare find in the industry.

Why Choose Loralee? Conservative Approach and Gentle Touch

Loralee's conservative approach to beauty enhancements ensures that results are not only effective but also natural. Her gentle touch minimizes discomfort during treatments, a testament to her skilled techniques that have earned accolades from her clientele. Patients often praise her for the subtlety of her work, which enhances their features without altering their intrinsic beauty.

Exciting Introductory Offers

To celebrate Loralee’s arrival at Pia's, she is extending a special introductory offer to all patients who book in May. Enjoy 90 units of Dysport and get an additional 30 units free, or opt for 30 units of Botox and receive 10 units at no extra cost. At just $14 per unit for Botox and $4.50 for Dysport, these offers are an exceptional value.

How to Book Your Appointment

Appointments with Loralee are available every other Thursday afternoon, but spaces are limited. To secure a spot, patients are encouraged to call Pia’s as soon as possible at (813) 8312418  or book Online. This is a unique opportunity to experience the expertise of a top-tier aesthetic injector.


Loralee Koontz, MPAS, PA-C - Botox and Dysport at Pia Day Spa TampaChoosing Loralee Koontz for your aesthetic treatments guarantees an unparalleled level of expertise and care. Her ability to deliver natural and beautiful results confidently addresses any concerns you might have about cosmetic treatments. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to enhance your natural beauty under the expert care of Loralee Koontz.


Q: What should I expect during my first visit with Loralee?
A: Expect a detailed consultation where Loralee assesses your needs and discusses your desired outcomes.

Q: Are Botox and Dysport safe?
A: Absolutely, both treatments are FDA-approved and safe when administered by a qualified professional like Loralee.

Q: How long do the effects of Botox and Dysport last?
A: Typically, the effects can last between 3 to 6 months, depending on the treatment area and individual factors.