Morning versus Evening Exfoliation: What's Best for Your Skin.

Morning versus Evening Exfoliation: What's Best for Your Skin.You know the drill, cleanse and moisturize every morning and night, and save your intensive treatments for just before bed. But, what about exfoliation? This has been a hot debate recently, causing some to question what the best time of day to exfoliate is. Turns out most experts are 100% in agreement that it is really up to each person's unique lifestyle and skin type. Read on to learn more.

Morning Exfoliation

If you notice that your skin appears dull when you wake up this is a smart time to exfoliate. Same goes for those with oily skin! A gentle A.M. exfoliation will brighten your skin, giving it a gorgeous glow. This is also a smart choice because most people are already using stronger, more intensive products at night, such as Retinols. Adding exfoliating products to the mix can cause unwanted (and unnecessary) irritation. Try spacing them apart with an A.M. scrub!

Evening Exfoliation

Those with dry and sensitive skin should stick to nighttime exfoliation. This will allow any bedtime treatments to absorb into the skin better, letting the products to do their job faster. Also, any redness won't be noticeable to the passing glance since you'll be asleep soon after!

Regardless of when you choose to exfoliate, what matters the most is the type of exfoliant you use. In doubt? Ask us at your next facial or call to schedule a skin consultation. For now just be sure to use a Clarisonic or a gentle exfoliant, with very fine exfoliating particles, since those with large particles can cause micro-tears in the skin. Also, make sure to follow it with a soothing moisturizer.