Quick Tricks to Eliminate Eye Puffiness

Quick Tricks to Eliminate Eye PuffinessDo you sometimes wake up to discover your eyes are swollen and puffy? We’ve all been there. Just one late or sleepless night is all it takes. Or too many high sodium snacks! No worries, if this happens again I’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out how to minimize puffiness so your eyes will look refreshed, bright and crystal clear.

Ice Water Fix

First, clean your bathroom sink. Then turn the cold water on and fill it up and add 10-20 ice cubes. Next pour a 1/3 cup of alcohol-free witch hazel in, close your eyes and dunk your face in and out 5-10 times. This will immediately reduce inflammation and improve circulation, draining all the excess fluid from your eyes and entire face. Since witch hazel is naturally anti-inflammatory it will calm and rehydrate your skin as well. The result? Fresh, smooth and hydrated skin and clear eyes.

Cool Eye Mask

If you’re on a tight schedule and need a quicker fix you can also find anything cold in your freezer, ie. a zip lock bag of ice or a bag of frozen fruit or veggies, and apply it to your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Just make sure to wrap it with a towel before applying it to your sensitive eye area. Don’t waste your time applying cucumbers to your eyes. Yes, they’ve been a go to for a very long time to reduce eye puffiness however, they aren’t effective. What is effective is their cold temperature to reduce the inflammation. So skip those and grab something colder and your face will look refreshed much quicker than you’d expect!

FYI: These quick fixes only cure occasional puffiness, not the type that’s chronic or under eye bags. The only cure for those conditions is cosmetic surgery. To figure out if your puffiness is chronic or due to excess fluid just press the skin below your eyes. If it stays pushed in, it is excess fluid. If it bounces back it’s fat. You can normally tell if it’s fluid retention because the puffiness will be very visible when you first look in the mirror after your alarm goes off! If, however, it’s genetics, ie. fat, you’ll see the under eye bags every day, all day.

Use my tips above to combat the worst eye puffiness and no one will be the wiser of your late night!

xo Pia T (2)