Santa, Tell Me How to Keep Feeling Bright and Beautiful?

spa gift certificates in safety harbor

It's no secret that beauty treatments make the best gifts. Maybe you've already purchased vouchers for your spa loving friends and family, knowing that they'll appreciate a little pampering this holiday season.

But what about you?

Yes, you!

Have you put something special on your wish list this year?

If you haven't, it's probably because you're dashing here and there, making sure all the decorations are up, everyone's presents are wrapped, the Christmas menu is planned, and all the family trips and visits are scheduled.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, the holiday season can be a frantic and exhausting period, particularly for women – even in sunny Safety Harbor, where we don't have to battle with snow and sleet, at least. What should be a fun and joyful time can still turn pretty stressful, pretty quickly.

But managing a busy household and a tight Christmas itinerary aren't the only factors that could affect your mood and leave you feeling a little burnt out as the festivities approach. 2019 has been a super busy year, and you might be starting to get that “It's all catching up with me” feeling.

So, if you needed a little reminder that it's okay to put yourself first, then please take this post as your ***BIG NEON SIGN***.

spa gift certificates in safety harborAll I want for Christmas is… to hit the pause button

At Pia Day Spa in Safety Harbor, we know how important it is to replenish your own sense of wellbeing before you can dedicate energy to everyone else around you. The holidays are an excellent opportunity to pause, recharge, and check in with yourself. When you feel good in your own skin, it's much easier to get into the festive spirit and appreciate the people and events around you.

Whether you're preparing for a string of parties or you'd just like a mini-break away from the household madness, we have some dreamy treatments to make you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to make the holiday family photo look far more glamorous than last year's.

To help you, we have a few suggestions for the type of treatments you could choose to fit your schedule and your needs.

Deep relaxation

If you're after the feelgood factor, we recommend that you book a blissful massage to help you unwind and release any tension that you may have been holding on to – you know, the kind that seems to load up after you've spent way too long at home with your kids and your patience has been tested, really tested.

Skin priorities

The Christmas lights shouldn't be the only thing glowing this December. Now is the perfect time to get that facial you've been promising yourself. If you've been enjoying those festive cocktails a little too much, hydration is crucial. Try our Revitalize Facial, it only takes 45 minutes, and you'll feel fresh as a daisy afterward.

Party polish

It's amazing what a beautiful manicure or pedicure can do for your mood. We have a wide variety of treatments that will keep your hands and feet looking like a work of art over the holidays. If you've been standing over a hot stove or running around after everyone else, nothing beats the glorious feeling of sinking into a comfortable chair and getting a pedicure.

I want it all

If you like the sound of these treatments and can, quite literally, ESCAPE, we have a spa package that includes a Chocolate Cake Pedicure, Deep Tissue Massage, and our Revitalize Facial. It's the perfect combination to get you feeling fully refreshed and ready for more holiday fun.

Have yourself a merry little spa treatment

Whatever you're doing this holiday season, our advice is to give yourself a little TLC wherever you can. Balance is the key to almost everything in life, so find time to rest, exercise, and eat as healthy as possible to avoid the struggle of getting back into a routine once it's time to take the tree down. And, if in the midst of it all, you'd like a little help to reset and bring the dial back to center, we invite you to book an appointment and enjoy one of our professional treatments.

We have an extensive list of procedures, so have a look at our menu and choose the one that will give you the most joy this holiday season. You deserve it.