Spring 2014 Nail Color Trends Revealed!

Spring 2014 Nail Color Trends Revealed!With the arrival of spring and warmer weather it's time to reveal the newest trends in nail color. The fashion runways exposed many new colors and shades this year, the most popular included powdery nudes and pastels, fresh mints, slate greys, and brilliant pops of color. Now's the time to treat yourself to a spring mani-pedi so read on to discover the top trending nail colors to get some inspiration before you arrive at the spa!


Blush Pinks:

Not too dark or light and perfect for all skin tones, these shades of pink are a perfect alternative to nude any day!

Baby Blues:

Light blue shades reflect a relaxed vibe. These cool tones also minimized the appearance of skin redness, which can appear as the weather warms up if you're out in the sun too long without adequate sunscreen!

Coral-Peach Combos:

The allure of these shades is that they tend to look amazing on all skin tones! The blend of peach and pink is a softer, flirty way to work orange into your overall appearance since you'll want to wait for summer to arrive to sport the brightest hue of orange.

Orange-y Reds:

Red works any season, but it's always fun to mix up your spring look with a bright orange-y red shade! It's a classy twist on a classic shade.

Radiant Orchids:

This color was named the color of 2014 and it's since been appearing on all the runways! This bright lavender hue is a cool, fresh twist that not many can resist. This is also a great alternative to nude because it goes with everything!

Pale Yellows:

Typically yellows are not an easy color to pull off, but if you're into it try a lighter, more pastel shade this spring. The softer shades are more attractive on most skin tones than the brighter shades any day!

Magnifying Mints:

Mint has been appearing on runways as an everyday shade for spring. This color is a not only elegant but is also a perfect neutral choice. Try switching up your typical neutral or blush pink look for a minty shade and just wait for the compliments to come pouring in!

Electric Blues:

Any bright blue hue is a sure bet this spring. It's leading the way in the fashion industry in color-blocking so try the same effect on your nails for a fun variation!

Vibrant Pinks:

Tropical shades are very popular for spring. Try a fuchsia hue in place of your winter pastel to celebrate the warm months of spring!

Bold Berries:

The vampy berry shades of winter are over. This spring go for a more subtle berry version, such as a raspberry inspired shade. It's a perfect blend of the darker berry you're used to with a pop of brightness that screams spring!

Chalky Nudes:

Nudes are in this spring, just not the sheer nudes of the past but chalkier, more opaque nudes. When you're choosing  a nude shade pick one that has a white base to it, this variety is very trendy now and is a must have if you're going for a glamorous look!

Mermaid-Inspired Metallics:

By now you've probably seen these blue-green tones popping up on nails everywhere. It's no surprise, as this blue, green and gold color combo is simply mesmerizing! Try this metallic polish for a beautiful, opalescent look this spring!

Rose-Gold Glitter:

Glitter polishes are considered a neutral. This means if you're looking for a polish that will go with anything and you're not into chalky nudes or pale pinks but want a sexy shimmer instead this is the polish for you!

Concrete Inspired Greys:

Lighter shades of grey are in the spotlight this spring. Their white undertones make your nails look super chic and the shade gives your look an instant pop!

Choose one of these popular polishes at your next mani-pedi and tweet @piadayspa with the hashtag #springmanipedi to tell us which polish you chose!