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Try a New Service!

Pia Day Spa is offering 20% off for trying a *NEW service! If you’ve never experienced a massage, manicure or any one of our other services at Pia Day Spa, now is the time to give it a try! Book your service today! *It must be a service  category you’ve never received at Pia’s.*

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4 Steps to Keep your Feet Looking And Feeling Smooth Between Pedicures!

Pamper Yourself!

Pia Day Spa cares about making each and every client feel pampered from head to toe! Come in and enjoy our experienced, friendly staff and charming atmosphere! We’ll get you a beverage while you indulge in one of our many services! We hope you become a part of our family! Book Now!

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Fillers: The Ultimate Beauty Tool

Did you know that as you age your facial skin loses its volume? This happens if you’ve been dieting too! You don’t only lose weight in your tummy, but everywhere, including your face! Beauty Check Up. My belief is, just as we exercise and eat healthy to look our best, scheduling regular check-ups to enhance […]

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