Taking a Vacation? What to Pack to Keep Your Skin in Check!

Taking a Vacation? What to Pack to Keep Your Skin in Check!One of the most exciting things about summer is traveling, whether it's a week-long adventure to a tropical island or a long-weekend getaway to an exciting city or relaxing mountain lake. Just remember, wherever you go it's still important to keep up with your skin care routine. You do want to return looking rested and radiant, not like you took a vacation from your moisturizer, right? While you may want to bring every product it's not necessary (or practical). Read on to discover what is essential to pack.

First consider where you plan to travel to. Are you planning a trip somewhere to attend an event such as a wedding or reunion? Or, are you taking a relaxing vacation to a beach, city or lake? Your destination's climate and the activities you plan to enjoy while there will determine your skin's needs. It's important to read this to determine which skin-care essentials you'll need to pack to make sure your skin stays healthy and continues to glow.

Must-Have Essentials For Every Trip

No matter where you vacation there are a few essentials you can't leave behind. Always pack your cleanser, toner, daytime moisturizer (with SPF), nighttime moisturizer and facial scrub. These are all part of your basic skin-care routine and must be packed.

Headed To The Beach Or Lake?

If you're headed to the beach or lake you need to stop exfoliating five days prior to leaving as well as while you're there. Also, it's critical that you stop using products that contain lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acid or retinol because they each make your skin much more sensitive to the sun. Make sure to pack not only sunscreen but also a cooling gel mask, hydrating and calming skin serum to use post-sun exposure. This will be especially helpful if your skin is feeling tight, inflamed or parched. Before using the gel mask toss it in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect. Apply it to clean skin and leave on for approximately 15 minutes, rinse very well and apply a hydrating serum, followed by your moisturizer.

If your vacation takes you to a resort where you'll be spending a lot of time in a pool make sure to pack a water-resistant sunscreen and a moisturizing mask. This is essential to repair your skin's moisture barrier, which can be damaged by the drying chemicals in chlorine.

Special-Occasion Skin

If you're traveling to attend a special event, like a wedding, where you'll want your skin to look beautiful beneath all your makeup, you'll want to pack your exfoliating products (as long as it's not a beach wedding). These will keep your skin smooth and soften the look of lines, wrinkles, and large pores. In this event, it's wise to pack and apply a peel (containing lactic, glycolic, or salicylic acid) a day or two prior to the event to give your skin an instant glow. If you are flying to your destination the peel has the added benefits of removing surface dead-skin buildup that flying causes and it will also hydrate your skin.

The Best Way To Pack Your Products

By now you've probably experienced traveling to a destination to discover your toiletries exploded in your luggage. It's very important to avoid this at all times by packing your products properly. This is especially true when flying as the cabin pressure can cause such leaks. When packing make sure to let any extra air in your product bottles escape to prevent trapped air from exploding when the air pressure in the plane changes. Open your products, squeeze all excess air out and replace the cap very quickly. Next, put each product in its own zip-lock bag because it is still possible for your products to leak despite taking precautions. While this may seem tedious you'll be glad you did in the event one does leak!

With these summer-traveling tips you can relax knowing that you packed everything you'll need to keep your skin radiant and healthy while you're vacationing. Bon voyage!