The Trick to Treating Cracked Heels


vaselineForget about ghosts, witches and zombies...

What's REALLY scary? Cracked heels on an otherwise beautifully pedicured foot. The dip into fall with these temperatures lately have made the problem even worse.

From one of our fantastic nail experts at our Westchase locations, we have an inexpensive and easy way to prevent this unsightly, and sometimes painful, condition.

Leila recommends:

Yep! Old fashioned Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Leila says here's what happens: your feet sweat in your socks. As the feet - and socks - dry, the evaporating moisture causes the skin to crack. Use just a dime-size to create a thin protective barrier on your heel and all over the bottom of your feet.

Of course, this is a simple temporary solution until you can come in to any Pia's location for a pedicure that includes exfoliating your heels, feet and lower legs.

No need to wait for Halloween to use this trick - treat your heels and feet to softness!

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