Why Massage Therapy Provides More than Just Stress Relief

Why Massage Therapy Provides More than Just Stress Relief

If you think massage is purely for stress relief think again! While massage is relaxing for both the body & mind it's also valuable for athletes & post-surgery.If you've been under the impression that massage therapy is purely for stress relief think again! While a massage is relaxing for both the body and mind it is also very valuable for athletes and an excellent post-surgical recovery option. Why, you ask? Massage therapy is known to improve blood circulation. Improved circulation is critical for the body to flush away built up toxins. When toxins accumulate in the body the most noticeable symptoms are swelling, muscles soreness and a noticeable decrease in flexibility. Additionally, massage is useful to both athletes and surgical patients alike because it increases the body's production of L-Glutamine, which is essential to optimal immune system functioning. L-Glutamine is an amino acid that's production is significantly reduced by excessive stress to the body (ie. intense exercise and surgery).

Anyone who is active in sports or spends a lot of time working out at the gym should seriously consider incorporating massage into their lifestyle. The best way to maintain a strong, healthy body, increase athletic performance and prevent injury is to keep the muscles in excellent condition. Too often injuries occur when muscles are strained due to tightness and fatigue. It's been widely recognized that massage can help to prevent injuries.  Massage therapy helps to lengthen and stretch the muscles, which in turn strengthens them, reducing the risk of injury.

Anyone whose experienced surgery knows that the days following it can be extremely tough on the body. Most often muscles become weak from a considerable lack of activity. Massage can be very helpful to patients following surgery. Massage therapy helps the body initiate a speedy recovery by increasing red blood cell production and reducing blood pressure.

While muscle tension and stress relief are excellent reasons to schedule a massage, both athletes and those recovering from surgery are sure to benefit from some traditional touch therapy. When the mind relaxes and releases tension the body is allowed to heal, creating inner balance and outer radiance. Discover the mind body benefits of massage therapy yourself by scheduling an appointment at any of our locations today!

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