4 Secret Ways Your Gadgets Are Making You Break Out

4 Secret Ways Your Gadgets Are Making You Break OutSay it ain't so!

It's no secret that we are seriously obsessed with our devices! From chatting away on our smartphones to tapping on our tablets and browsing on our laptops, we're almost always “plugged in”. Problem is, as awesome as all our gadgets are, there's a good chance they're also the source of what you thought was just a random breakout. Here I'll tell you why you're really waking up to all those sneaky pimples – and how to stop them from coming back!

Breakout Culprit #1: Marathon Phone Calls

Be honest, have you ever pulled your phone away from your face after a long call and discovered oily residue and makeup smeared all over it? Super gross, right?! Well, this is what that means for your skin: when you hold your phone up to your face, sweat mixes with bacteria from your phone and your makeup which in turn clogs your pores! All these clogged pores lead to acne. What's worse? All the heat your phone produces causes excess perspiration and oil production, making for a perfect storm for a breakout. The good news? You can prevent breakouts and still chat away for hours with your family and friends! Remember those ear buds that came with your phone? Use them! They completely eliminate any skin to phone contact! Also, wiping your screen with an antibacterial screen wipe will clear most of the bacteria away, just make sure to let it air dry before your next chat.

Breakout Culprit #2: Subconscious Habits

Most device-related acne will appear on your cheeks, chin and along your hairline. Why? Think about how you sit when you're browsing online. Is it with your hand resting on your cheek or chin? A lot of people fall into this slouch, and unfortunately it cause oils and bacteria from your hands to clog your pores! So sit up straight and try to avoid the temptation to touch your face while online. Trust me, your skin (and spine) will thank you!

Breakout Culprit #3: Poor Device Hygiene

Sorry to break it to you but your gadgets aren't the cleanest surface in the world. They actually collect a lot of germs from constant contact with your hands and most people aren't in a habit of regularly cleaning them. If you're not disinfecting your phone on a consistent basis, the grime transfers to your face super quick. Same goes for laptop browsing, your fingers transfer the grime on the keyboard to your face, which as you learned above, can cause massive breakouts. In fact, these breakouts can often turn into the cystic kind. So be diligent and disinfect your devices and notice your skin clear up in no time!

Breakout Culprit #4: Late-Night Texting

I know, I know, you already know that sleep is essential for a healthy, glowing complexion. But, staying up super late and texting your friends or scrolling Facebook or Instagram can wreak double havoc on your skin! I'm constantly telling my clients to get enough sleep and eat right, that's where healthy skin begins! If you don't get enough rest you literally cause unneeded stress on your body. Who wants that? Stress can trigger any number of skin conditions, but especially acne. As if there weren't enough reasons to getting a good night's sleep you can add “pretty skin” to the list. So please, shut your eyes when you're sleepy and disinfect your devices regularly to wake up to a beautifully clear skin.

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