From one mother, to all mothers: let's celebrate US!

Hello Moms!

Happy Mother's Day to all those amazing moms who come to our Pia's locations!

As a business owner, a wife, and a mother of a teenager and a five-year-old boy, I just can say one thing: I'm devoted to all my six kids.
Why six?

Because I always think of each business is a kid, too. They also need dedication and full attention.  They all start as a new illusions and it's nice to see them grow.

It can be a little challenging to juggle business and family at the same time.  But I always find time to be there for Paula and Sebastian.

I love all my mom clients because we have share many chats is the waxing room - talking about pregnancies, diapers and potty training secrets.  I have learned so much from all of you.

And from the bottom of my heart, I want to which you all a very, very Happy Mother's Day, because you gals are strong and AMAZING moms.

Much love!

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