Dad needs a spa day too!

We know, we know.

Usually services like the ones we offer are considered more for the ladies. But hey, don't men have ragged cuticles?

Can't their pores use a little tightening?

Aren't their muscles sore from checking off that honey-do list?

This Father's Day, treat dear dad to some good old fashion "he" time.

Massages to relax and work out those weekend warrior kinks. Manicures and pedicures don't have to end in a french tip, but they can scrub away those calluses and snip away those hang nails. And dad's weather-beaten complexion - whether from all that yard work (or a long day fishing!) - we can rejuvenate.

And just in case you think dad could also use a little more primping, don't forget we offer waxing services for chests and backs. (Shirtless, summer-time sweaters never really look they?)

Visit any Pia's location to schedule an appointment or pick up a gift certificate.

Happy Father's Day!

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