Return the glow with a body scrub

Easily Prepare For Your First Massage With These Great Tips

While the sunshine can do wonders for our mood, it can damage our skin and not just from the UVA and UVB rays.

Think about it: lotion, sunscreen, sweat, sand, grime, our skin weathers quite a bit.
Of course, soap and body wash can take care of some of it. But for a deep clean, consider a body scrub.

It sloughs away dry, flaky skin, and the residue left from the variety of products we use every day. It can also prevent and remedy ingrown hairs. Skin is left soft. Products will be more effective working with a "clean canvas", so to speak.

It's like an exfoliation for your face, but your whole body gets the treat! Our body scrubs can invigorate or relax. Call us to book your appointment.

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