Layering skin care products, the right way!

woman wrapped in towel applying face cream in the bathroom

people making faces while having skin face products on their faces

Whether you apply only a handful of products or a whole army of them, it's important that you're layering your skin care products in the correct order.

The reason? You won't be getting the best results from your skincare routine if your products aren't able to penetrate your skin properly.

But Wait!: Don't worry if you only use a few products every day, and not all the products we list here. The three products everybody should use are: Cleansers, moisturizers, and SPF. Aside from that, the skin care products you use should address your specific skin needs.



There's no point in applying products to your face if there's a layer of makeup and oils underneath. You wanna start with a clean surface, so lather up!


Not everyone uses toner, but if you do, now's the time to spritz away!

The key is to make sure it isn't alcohol-based – Those can be a recipe for dry skin and irritation.


Now, onto treatments. These can be products such as eye creams, acne creams, serums, spot treatments, etc.

The first cream product you apply should be one that's medicinal, i.e. acne treatment cream or skin brightening treatments. You never want to apply a barrier product between them and your skin, so apply them first and let them work their magic!


This is a NO-SKIP step! Everyone's skin is thirsty, so give it the hydration it craves!

STEP 5: Sunscreen/SPF

We say this every time SPF is brought up, and we'll say it again: Never leave your house without applying SPF!

Sunscreen is last on the list because it belongs on top of everything else. Unlike the other products on this list, sunscreen isn't trying to penetrate your skin. Its job is just to act as a barrier that protects you from the sun.


If you forget any of this next time you're standing in front of your bathroom sink for your skincare routine, just remember this rule of thumb: For maximum absorption, apply your products from thinnest to thickest consistency. After applying (optional) toner, medicinal treatments (for acne, dark spots, etc.) should be applied before anything else.

As we mentioned at the beginning, not everyone needs a 5 step layering routine. It all depends on your skin type and there's no exact number of products you should or shouldn't use. What truly matters is satisfying your personal skin needs, which you can help discover by asking your esthetician. They can recommend products based on your skin, and you can confidently apply them now that you know how to layer them correctly. For the best skin care advice in town, call your Pia Spa pros in South Tampa or St Pete and book a facial today.

Layering may just be the world's simplest and cost-effective way to recharge your skin care routine!