Searching for a Last-Minute Gift? Give the Gift of Beautiful Skin with a Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Brush!


Picture 135In recent years the Clarisonic facial cleansing brush has grown from a professional use only skincare treatment device to the #1 recommended facial cleansing brush available for everyone to use! Here at the spa we not only use them in facials, we sell them (and replacement brush heads) too.

The Clarisonic facial cleansing brush is clinically proven to speed up results from both professional treatments and daily skin care routines. Using sonic technology and the skin's natural elasticity the Clarisonic facial cleansing brush transforms the not only the skin's texture but overall appearance as well!

Each day skin is exposed to oil, sweat, dirt, makeup and environmental pollutants. This makes for a stubborn, pore-clogging film that coats the skin. This film gives skin an unhealthy appearance that can feel rough and often become red and irritated while also preventing skin care products from absorbing correctly.

Unlike other spinning brushes, Clarisonic facial cleansing brushes work with the skin's natural elasticity. Meaning that the sonic frequency creates a flexing action between the inner and outer brushes and skin to loosen dirt and oil faster and better. It also removes dirt from deep inside the pores, prepping the skin to better absorb skin care products.

Clinical results have proven that Clarisonic facial cleansing brushes not only increase product absorption but also are 6 times better at removing oil, sweat, dirt, makeup and environmental pollutants than cleansing with one's hands alone!

Need more reasons to give the gift of a Clarisonic facial cleansing brush this year? Here are 4 more:

  • 2X daily use is clinically proven safe and gentle for all skin types
  • 61% clinically proven greater product absorption after use
  • 94% report softer skin after use
  • 90% report more radiant, glowing skin after use

Clarisonic facial cleansing brushes and extra brush heads are available at all four locations, stop in today and give the gift your loved one will treasure for years to come!

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