Skin Care Tips For the Modern Life

dermalogica Skin Care

dermalogica skin careIt is well known why and how we should take care of our skin: exfoliate, moisturize, wash your face, use sunscreen, etc. However, sometimes even if we follow these common steps, we forget about some other factors that affect our skin's health.

The increased presence of technology in our life plays a role too in our skin and general health, but not always for good: cell phones can help to develop acne in our cheek area: a result of keeping it virtually glued to one ear, preventing the oil glands from that area to breathe properly and being exposed to a gigantic source of bacteria.

Your computer keyboards is another everyday item that contains a high count of bacteria that usually ends in our forehead, chin or lips area due to common habits while we work.

A couple of small steps we can take to keep your skin in the safe side are just linked to prevention: use a hands-free device like a BlueTooth headset and use disinfecting wipes to clean your phone and keyboard regularly.

If your skin condition persists on these areas, make sure to visit a skin care professional to help you plan a proper treatment customized for your skin type. You can find more information and FAQ's about skin care treatments at, or contact us.