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No need to wash your face after a facial because usually we will use an SPF 15 and apply a moisturizer. Your skin will feel and look so nice and smooth that you probably would like to keep it feeling that way for a while.
We usually apply a little bit of make up after every facial, using Glo minerals: a fabulous make up that won't clog the pores, won't hurt the skin and also will provide extra sun protection.
A deep pore cleansing is when all the black heads, white heads and micro comedones are removed from the skin. Our Eurofacial, Massimo facial, and Deep Pore Cleansing Facial include deep cleansing. This is very important for skin hygiene and it helps to keep a natural healthy glow to the skin combined with a proper home care routine.
Getting facials on a regular basis is great for your skin health because it gives to your face all the suppleness of moisture that we lose every day due to environmental pollution, AC exposure, sun and UV light. For people with oily to acneic skin a facial is recommended at least every month, to keep the pores clean and prevent further break outs and micro comedones.
Once or twice a week depending on the condition of the skin.
The skin around the eyes and lips is subjected to much more movement and pulling than skin on any other part of the face. With time, the elastic fibers in skin gradually slacken, wrinkles appear, and fatty deposits sometimes accumulate under the eyelids.
Skin is not inert. It is a living organ protected by a hydrolipic (water and oil) film. It is constantly rejuvenating itself, producing dead cells, perspiration and sebum. To get healthy skin and a fresh complexion, the epidermis must be cleansed on a regular basis.
Exfoliation removes dead cells from skin and makes it receptive to a skin care product’s active ingredients. Exfoliation also reduces the formation of blackheads, and helps with clinical extractions.
After the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and toned, it’s time for hydration. Water is as essential to our skin as it is to plants. Hydration helps the epidermis increase its water reserves, preventing premature aging.
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