Hey there, beauty pros! Are you ready to elevate your waxing skills to a whole new level? Pia Esthetics is thrilled to announce our exclusive Master Classes designed just for licensed estheticians like you! We're the OGs of full-body and Brazilian waxing in the Tampa Bay area, so you know you're learning from the best.

Why Choose Pia Esthetics Master Class? 🤔

  • Expertise: We've been setting the standard in full-body and Brazilian waxing. Learn from the pros!
  • Comprehensive Training: Beauty schools skim the surface; we dive deep.
  • Speed & Comfort: Master the art of quick and less-painful waxing techniques that clients will love.

Show Me the Money! 💰

Let's talk numbers, shall we? Skilled waxing techs are in high demand! Clients are willing to pay top dollar for a quick, comfortable, and flawless waxing experience. So, investing in this Master Class? Yeah, it's like investing in a money-making machine. Your appointment book will be overflowing!

Options to Suit Your Needs

Brazilian Wax Training: One-Day Intensive 👙

  • Duration: 1 day (8 hours with a 30-min lunch break)
  • Cost:
    • $1,900 without models
    • $2,200 if we provide models for you
  • What You Get: Hands-on training focused solely on Brazilian waxing techniques.

Full-Body Wax Training: The Complete Package 🌐

  • Duration: 2 days (8 hours each day with a 30-min lunch break)
  • Cost:
    • $3,700 without models
    • $4,000 if we provide models for you
  • What's Covered:
    • Bikini Wax
    • Facial Wax (Brows, Lip, Chin)
    • Full Leg (Half Legs, Thighs)
    • Arms
    • Underarms
    • Glutes
    • Back/Chest

All Supplies Included! 📦

We've got you covered with all the waxing essentials:

  • Gloves
  • Wax Can / Roll-On
  • Sticks
  • Cotton
  • Wax Oil
  • After-Wax Products

So, are you ready to become a waxing superstar? Secure your spot now and let's get you to the top of your game! 💪

Sign up today and let's make some beauty magic happen! ✨

Language Flexibility for All Learners

Good news! Our Master Class is as inclusive as it gets. Whether you're more comfortable with English or Spanish, we've got you covered. Pia Trujillo is fluent in English and Spanish, ensuring that you can learn in the language you're most comfortable with. So, no language barriers here—just pure, unfiltered learning to help you become a waxing superstar! 🌍💫

Meet Your Trainer: The Ultimate Authority on Waxing

Pia Trujillo

Pia Trujillo

Meet Pia Trujillo, the powerhouse founder of Pia Day Spa and a licensed esthetician since 1999. But wait, there's more! She's not just a wizard at Brazilian waxing; she's also a Dermalogica Expert, a microblading maestro, and a skincare guru. Talk about a quadruple threat! 🌈 Pia is a true leader in the beauty industry, and she generously shares her wealth of knowledge by personally training all new staff members. This ensures that the spa consistently delivers top-notch services. Always ahead of the curve, Pia knows exactly what her clients need to leave feeling fabulous. 🌟

She's the ultimate authority when it comes to waxing. With her years of experience and dedication to the craft, you're in the best hands to master the art of waxing. 💪

So, are you ready to level up your waxing game with the best in the business? 🙌

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