Welcome to Pia Day Spa, where we're not just about the array of services we offer; we're about solving your day-to-day skin and relaxation challenges with expertise and a personal touch. Ever felt like your skin is sending you SOS signals, or your eyebrows seem to live a life of their own? We've been there, and that's precisely what we're here to address.

Our Story: A Journey from Wax to Wow!

Since 2004, we embarked on a mission: to introduce professional Brazilian waxing to Tampa and to do so with such expertise that you'd wonder why you ever hesitated. Today, we've broadened our services to include skin care that leaves your complexion radiant, massages that convince your muscles they're on a serene retreat, and nail care that transforms your hands and feet into works of art.

Why Us?

Because we get it. We understand that sometimes, the most significant decision of your day might be booking that essential eyebrow rescue or giving your skin the care it desperately needs. Our team isn't just skilled in the art of skin care and relaxation; we're also experts in making you feel at ease, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed and looking forward to your next visit.

Our Secret Sauce: Excellence with a Personal Touch

Our inspiration comes from you - our clients. Striving for excellence is what we do, but we add a personal touch to it. We're passionate about maintaining high standards, not just in the services we provide but in the connections we make. It's not just about the touch; it's about the connection.

What Sets Us Apart?

It's simple: our dedication to you. From the moment you step into Pia Day Spa, you're part of our family. We're devoted to not just meeting your expectations but exceeding them, making every visit more than just an appointment - it's an experience. An experience where your skin and relaxation needs are met with unmatched expertise and care.

So, whether you're navigating the challenges of your skin, seeking a serene escape for your body, or just in need of a place where you're understood, remember - Pia Day Spa is here to transform your day, one service at a time. Ready to book your next session with us?

Our Mission

To provide expert professional spa services that exceed customer expectations, all in a casual and cozy habitat for relaxation. Our goal is to strengthen the feeling of beauty, confidence, and joy in our clients one interaction at a time.

Our Vision

To become the icon of beauty needs for people everywhere, through education, sincere care and the hands of our skilled professionals.

Company Values

• Passion: For what we do. Every day.
• Honesty: With our clients, staff & vendors.
• Excellence: In every thing we do: always expect it.
• Caring: About our clients' needs. About our people.
• Accountability: No good excuses, good actions.