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Master Your Makeup: Beginner-Friendly Lessons at Pia Day Spa, South Tampa

Are you overwhelmed by your makeup collection and unsure where to start? Transform your makeup routine with our expert-led, 60-minute makeup lessons...

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Microblading Over Faded Permanent Makeup!

Is your permanent makeup faded and dull? Bring life back to your brows with Microblading! Book your appointment today!

Microblading can cover your faded permanent makeup and bring the life back to your brows!

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Sexy Valentine's Day Makeup Looks

Hey there, gorgeous! 💄 Valentine's Day is around the corner, and it's time to talk about spicing up your makeup game. Whether...

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Microblading Can Bring Life Back to Old Permanent Makeup!

We can bring color back to your past permanent makeup with Microblading! Bring those brows back to life, and do it quick before those holiday family pictures! Book Now!

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5 Easy Steps to Reapply Facial Sunscreen (and Keeping your Makeup)

By now I’m sure you all apply an SPF every morning before you head out into the sun. What I wonder, however is how often, or rather, do you...

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6 Makeup Secrets to Make You Look Fabulous in Photos

Want to look like a supermodel in your photos? Here at Pia’s we not only love skin care but makeup too so I’m bringing easy beauty...

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Remove your Makeup the Right Way-In Just 2 Steps!

Be honest ladies, how often do you wake up to discover mascara smeared eyes? If your answer is “every morning” keep reading to...

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Is it really that bad to sleep with your makeup on?

I know, we’ve all been there. You get home late and the last, -last- thing you want to do is take the time to wash your face. Is sleeping in...

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6 Ways To Keep Your Makeup (And Skin) Germ Free!

While it's common knowledge that you should clean your makeup brushes once a week and toss any expired makeup, bacteria can still make its way...

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