Remove your Makeup the Right Way-In Just 2 Steps!

remove your makeup

Remove your Makeup the Right Way-In Just 2 Steps!Be honest ladies, how often do you wake up to discover mascara smeared eyes? If your answer is “every morning” keep reading to find out how to wipe away your makeup before bed properly so you can wake up to bright, clean and clear skin instead!

1. First let's talk about eye makeup removal.

This area needs to be treated very, very gently. By now I'm sure you know that it's the thinnest skin on your face, taking on the most wear and tear, which appears as fine lines over time. If you apply eye makeup you need to learn how to remove it at the end of your day to help prevent any fine lines and protect them day in and out.

My recommendation for eye makeup remover is Dermalogica's Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover. It's a very clean, soothing gel that also removes lip products! Win-win! It's oil free, alcohol-free and water-soluble, instantly dissolve all traces of stubborn makeup. This remover will never sting sensitive eyes or cause any puffiness or redness because it's formulated without harsh artificial fragrances or colors and is ideal for anyone who wears contacts. Just apply it to a cotton pad and gently press it onto your eye(s) for 30 seconds. This gives it time to do its magic, melting away all your shadow, liner and mascara. After 30 seconds simply flip it over and gently move it upward and side to side to remove all remaining mascara below your top lashes. When you're done with both side toss this cotton pad a take a peak to discover truly makeup free eyes! Even better, it also strengthens your lashes and conditions your skin. Like I said, win-win!

2. Once you've removed your eye makeup you can reach for my favorite facial makeup remover, Dermalogica's PreCleanse!

Just apply a small amount to your fingertips and massage into your skin to cleanse away all built-up makeup, dirt and grime. After 15 seconds wet your fingertips and massage your skin for 15 more seconds to form a milky emulsion, further melting away any stubborn particles ie. waterproof makeup and sunscreen. Rinse with warm, not hot, water and follow with your cleanser for a double cleanse you simply cannot beat!

Remember to always remove your makeup before bed, no matter how tired you are. Trust me, if you do this it'll prevent you from looking tired the following day and in years to come! This essential step is key to keeping your pores clear and preventing unwanted lines, it's one bedtime step you can't afford to skip!

Follow these foolproof tips to wash off your makeup every night, especially around your eyes where your skin is thinner and much more delicate, and notice how much brighter, clean and smooth your skin will look and feel instantly.

xo Pia T (2)