Summer Skincare, Made Easy

summer skin care in Tampa

woman applying sunscreen at beach

It's summer, the season for all things sunny, salty and sweaty! 

As much as we love summertime, it's super important to remember to take care of your skin while you're having fun in the sun. Why? Because UV rays + salt + sweat = a cocktail for a big-time skin crisis. 

What's the secret to summer skincare? Keep reading to discover very effective treatments for 5 of summertime's most common skin concerns. 

Skin Aging 

Sun exposure is the number one cause of premature skin aging.

Wrinkles are a normal part of life, and we'll all eventually get them once we reach a certain age. However, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can permanently damage your skin's structure and play a huge role in causing skin aging prematurely and excessively.

Sun damage can cause:

  • Wrinkling
  • Pigmentation changes such as age spots, liver spots (solar lentigines) and freckles
  • Loss of skin tone (decreased elasticity)
  • Rough, uneven skin texture
  • Broken capillaries (spider veins), usually around the nose and chest
  • Redness and blotchiness

Want to reduce wrinkles and other skin damage down the line? Wear sunscreen – no excuses! 

DERMALOGICA has a variety of moisturizing products that also have 50 SPF, ideal for both summer and daily use.

dermalogica invisible physical defense spf30 suncreen

Oily Skin

For many of us, summer tends to make our once-normal t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) a lot shinier by afternoon. If this applies to you, try switching from your normal daily moisturizer to one that prevents oiliness and breakouts.

It's recommended to switch your usual moisturizer for a lighter one during the hotter months, especially if your skin is in the “normal to oily” category.

DERMALOGICA offers an extensive line for oily skin conditions and acne-prone skin.

dermalogica sebum clearking masque for oily skin

Dry Skin

Think you can spare your skin by hanging out at the pool instead of the salty beach? Not so fast. Both chlorinated pools and the ocean's salt water are unbelievably drying to the skin.

Here at Pia's, we have wonderful body products that can help you combat that summer dryness.

SUPRACOR'S Bath Mitt is an exfoliation superhero. Scrubbing off the dead skin cells and sunscreen residue is important for keeping your pores clean and your skin open to hydration. Want a smaller version of the bath mitt for your face? We've got that too!

For an exfoliation experience with scents that will leave you feeling like you're on a tropical island, try PURE FIJI'S Coconut Sugar Rubs. Follow it up with a healthy dose of PURE FIJI's Body Butters -- your dry skin will thank you for the hydration!

These products are sure to help you rehydrate and exfoliate your dry skin and return the glow.


Yep, sunspots – Those dark splotches that you notice on your face that seem to get even darker during the summer months. 

No worries! It's possible to make them fade away, and it's probably a lot simpler than you think. 

First, apply sunscreen daily. The sun can cause the spots to become more pigmented and make them look even darker. 

Next, apply a brightening treatment. 

We recommend DERMALOGICA'S Power Bright line. It includes everything you need to banish these spots and prevent future ones!

dark spot solutions kit

Remember these summer skincare tips to protect yourself from the sun and keep your skin youthful in the process! (Wear sunscreen!)


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