The Sun: How it's damaging your skin in ways you'd never expect. Part II

The Sun: How it's damaging your skin in ways you'd never expect. Part IIFinally, summer has arrived! With it however comes some of the most intense, damaging, sun of the year. Making a habit of applying SPF daily is a must to protect your skin. However, did you know that that summer sun can damage your skin even while inside? It's true. You actually need to wear much more sunscreen than you realize! Keep reading this second part to this two part series to discover where you'd least likely think you need SPF coverage so you can start slathering it on now!

Clothes don't cut it

Maybe you always wear a cute cover up at the beach over your bikini. Think that's protecting your skin? Probably not as much as you'd like! Clothing can provide minimal coverage, depending how long you're in the sun and thicker knits do provide stronger protection. However, applying an SPF under your clothes is the best choice. It provides much better protection than clothes alone, and for a much longer period of time.


Next time you're at the beach swimming in the ocean or splashing around in the pool make it a point to reapply once every hour. This goes for “waterproof” sunscreen also. More importantly, if you love water sports, boating, jet skis, surfing – watch out for those reflective rays too! This is double trouble, you're already in the sun and your skin is also being hit by light reflecting off the surface of the water, boat, jet ski or surf board. Amp up your SPF number and reapply every hour. If you surf wear a rash guard, it'll protect your from the board and the sun.


Is it enough to apply sunscreen? In most cases this will protect your skin. However, make sure to be conscious of the sunscreen you choose. The only sunscreen that will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays is one labeled “Broad-Spectrum”. The SPF # (factor) makes quite a difference as well! Choosing a sunscreen with an SPF 15 will allow your skin to tan, and absorb more UVB (burning rays). On the flip side, an SPF 50 protects your skin from 98% of UVB rays, as opposed to the SPF 15, which only protects you from 93%. Choose wisely!


Melanoma is reported to be found quite often on peoples scalp. Why? Many of us forget to apply sunscreen to our scalps! Next time your applying your SPF remember to apply it to your scalp too! Who wants a sunburn on their head? That's certainly no fun, not to forget the flaking that coming with it when it peels, gross! With that said, remember to cover your ears with sunscreen too! A little here and there goes a long way!

Thanks for reading this two part series! By now you know where, when and how the sun's rays damage your skin. Please share this with your friends and family to help protect them too!

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