How to End Recurrent Breakouts: The Inside Story

How to End Recurrent Breakouts: The Inside StoryDid you ever notice that some areas of your face keep breaking out again, and again, and again? There may be an underlying cause as to why. More times than not where you're breaking out is actually a reflection of your body's internal organs and how well they're functioning. Cleary, a good skin care routine is something I highly recommend! However, keep in mind that some of your breakouts could quite possibly be treated, and prevented, from the inside out! I'll break it down for you below.

The Infamous T-Zone

The forehead is a common place for pimples. Why? Stress! How do you eliminate these pimples? Find ways to de-stress. Good ways to do this include, exercising, practicing yoga, meditating, listening to soothing, calm music, reading a book, and getting a good night's sleep. If you notice pimples around your brows or nose this could be a sign of an irritated stomach, or an imbalance of the kidneys or spleen. Try eliminating alcohol, and if you smoke, cutting back or quitting and focus on eating more fiber, especially fruits and vegetables.

Cheeks and Nose

Pimples popping up on your cheeks? This could be a sign that your liver or lungs aren't functioning well. Again, cutting back on cocktails and smoking will prevent these pimples from appearing. Also, hit the gym and try your best to avoid spicy foods and see how quick these pimples clear up!

If however, you tend to breakout in or around your nostrils this could be caused by issues in the small intestine. Cutting back on cold, icy drinks and switching to room temperature liquids is your best bet to clear these painful pimples up quick. Also, any acne on or around your cheek area could also be due to dirty cellphones or pillowcases. Wiping your cellphone daily with a cellphone friendly wipe and washing your bed linens every few days will prevent these pimples in the long run.


Any breakout that reoccurs below the ears and into your jawline could be caused by an unhealthy large intestine or colon. This is an easy fix! Just up your fruit and veggie intake, as well as water to flush out all the toxins fast.


Seeing a lot of pimples popping up below your lip and in your chin area? This could be cause by issues in your spleen, digestion, or kidneys. Once again, I recommend consuming more fiber! Those fruits and vegetables will speed up your digestive system, flushing toxins out before they have the chance to search for other ways to escape, ie pimples! Also, consider getting your hormone levels checked. If you continue to notice reoccurring breakouts I suggest consulting with your doctor to make sure your kidneys and digestive track are functioning properly.

Who knew just a couple extra servings of fruits and veggies could be such powerful acne fighters? You heard it here!

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